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District 135 Transportation Program
Terri Bernbaum
Transportation Clerk

fax - 708-364-3379

Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who must provide transportation to and from school because free transportation is not available for their children
may be eligible to receive money from the state to help offset some of the cost, such as bus fares, or mileage reimbursement for private automobiles at .485 cents per mile.

The link below includes a series of questions that should be answered to determine whether or not your family may be eligible for such money:

Parent/Guardian Transportation Reimbursement from the State
(Updated November 2008)

For more information about receiving reimbursement from the state for transportation costs, please visit the Illinois State Board of Education.

- Transportation For for Change Request
fax - 708-364-3379

- Pay Bus Rider Request (2011-12)