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Orland School District 135


Superintendent's Office
Dr. Janet Stutz, Ed. D., Superintendent
The Superintendent is the chief executive officer for the school district with the  authority to manage, supervise, and evaluate all affairs of the system within the policies established by the Board of Education. The Superintendent administers the development and maintenance of an educational program designed to meet the needs of the community and carry out policies of the board. Additionally, she assists the board in developing long-range plans, formulates school objectives, policies, plans, and programs, conducts periodic audits of the total school program, and advises the board on recommendations for the educational advancement of the schools.
- Ph: 708-364-3305

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Dr. Lynn Zeder

The Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning supports the Superintendent in the development, promotion and implementation of the District's instructional objectives. Additionally, the Assistant Superintendent promotes the District's vision, and provides staff support as roles evolve to best meet the needs of all students based on their abilities in integrated environments. In collaboration with the Superintendent, learning environments and operations will be streamlined while continuous improvement plans for student learning are implemented.
 - Ph: 708-364-3315

Business Services
Carl Forn, Director of Finance
The Director of Finance works on the daily operations of the district with the goal of providing the necessary financial, accounting, and recordkeeping services to facilitate the best possible educational program. He is the chief financial officer of the district.
- Ph: 708-364-3312

Human Resources
John Bryk, Assistant SupesDirector of Human Resources and Student Services
The Director coordinates personnel management policies, develops and supervises the evaluation of teachers, and implements a program of professional growth for staff members. He is also responsible for the Student Management System, student registration, and coordination of substitutes.
- Ph: 708-364-3308

Dave Snyder, Director of Curriculum
The Director of Curriculum supports the Department of Teaching and Learning by guiding best practices in our classrooms and Works with other departments,teachers, students, and families by providing the training and resources necessary for students to have a successful learning experience. Additionally, the Director Oversees financial resources including Federal Title Grants while staying up to date on academic research.

- Ph: 7

Brian Fogarty, Assistant Director of Curriculum

The Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment works with the Director, Principals and staff members in developing and implementing research-based programs and curriculum that are aligned to state and national standards. The Assistant Director assists the administration of state and local testing programs and monitors the District Title I Reading/Improvement block grant.

- Ph: 708-364-3357

Safety and Risk Management
Jerry Hughes

The Director of Risk Management and Safety works with the Superintendent, administration, community and local law enforcement to coordinate and manage the District's safety program and monitor overall school safety practices and procedures. This includes managing safety and security training programs and development of the school improvement plans.
- Ph: 708-364-3368

Special Education 
Karen Canonn-Janettas, Director of Special Education 
The Director of Special Education and Assistant Director of Special Education oversee all district special needs programs and work closely with the Assistant Director to assure quality programs for students and quality staff development. Ms.
Janettas administers the district special education program, direct the student assistance staff, psychologist, and counselors, and develop and monitor all state and federal IDEA grants.
- Ph: 708-364-3330

Ami Porte-Lewis, Assistant Director of Special Education
The Assistant Director of Special Education and Student Services coordinates the Early Childhood Program, including monitoring the screening, evaluation, and programming for 3-5 year olds. She also coordinates the Cross Categorical Programs and the Extended School Year Program working closely with the Director of Special Education in monitoring and supervising district special needs programs. Other responsibilities include organizing and conducting in-service and workshop programs related to Student Services or Special Education, supervision of student services staff and assistance with grants.
- Ph: 708-364-3332


Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance
Dan Werfelman, Director of Facilities, Operations andMaintenance
The Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance oversees all district schools and grounds while working hand-in-hand with the Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff. The goal of the department is to provide a safe, clean, attractive environment where students can learn and teachers can teach in a satisfying and rewarding atmosphere.
- Ph: 708-364-3310

Dan Doogan, Director of Technology
The Technology Coordinator / Supervisor is responsible for the oversight of all technology-related initiatives.

- Ph: 708-364-3362

Community Relations
Jennifer Beshansky, Director of Communications
- Ph: 708-364-3335