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  • 26 Days Until Summer

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  • compassion
    The following students were recognized for the month of March as role models for the character trait of Compassion:
    Elise is compassionate & caring toward her classmates. She always uses kind words when speaking with others.
    Donny is accepting of all students in class. His compassion for others shines through each day.
    Larkin is accepting of others each day in class. Her compassion shines through each day.
    Josh is always able to do the right thing in any situation. He is such a good influence on his peers!
    Amani shows compassion through her kind words and actions towards others. She is very considerate of other people's feelings.
    Nadia consistently demonstrates self control. She does not let those around her impact her performance and is a great role model to her peers.
    Morgan shows compassion when she helps her fellow classmates. One day she realized that another student was having trouble with a writing assignment. She asked if she could help her classmate.
    She was compassionate and guided her classmate create his own ideas. She was very encouraging and positive.
    Sean always minds his own business, yet remains very helpful and kind to his partners. He keeps his words and actions under his control!
    Claudia is compassionate to everyone around her. She is sensitive to the needs of her classmates and always tries to make everyone feel a part of the group. Her quiet demeanor puts others at ease. We are lucky to have her in our class!
    Grace always is kind and willing to help. She is always the first one to volunteer to help out a classmate in their time of need.
    Emilia is consistently showing compassion for other students. She really feels in her heart what they may be going through at that time.
    Addy shows compassion to her classmates every day. She has a willingness to help others and make her friends feel good inside. Her smile brightens everyone's day!
    Mark demonstrates compassion each and every day by helping his classmates, following the High Point mission statement, and being a caring and kind young man. We are so lucky to have him in our classroom!
    Emily is always willing to help out in the classroom and with other students. She is a true team player.
    Vivian enjoys helping others and will always volunteer to help someone out in our classroom. She is very kind.
    Claudia always makes sure that everyone is included and taken care of. When a fellow classmate is having difficulty, she will reach out to help them with a question, or by including them.
    Tessa shows compassion by going above and beyond to make other classmates feel included. I am so proud of how kind and compassionate she is!
    Nico has repeatedly gone out of his way to assist his classmates. When someone needs help, he takes notice and acts accordingly.
    Jonathan shows compassion by including and accepting other students. He has such awareness of when other classmates need a "pick me up" and is quick to cheer them up. I am proud of how kind and compassionate he is!
    Moira always lends a helping hand to another when needed. She is quick to cheer someone up when they are having a rough day...Moira's compassion is felt by many in our class.
    Chris is such a compassionate boy. He is kind to everyone and always listens when someone is talking. His positive attitude makes him a good friend to everyone.
    Zuzanna always fully listens to whomever is spaking.  She truly cares for her classmates, and shows kindness and compassion always!
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  • The student council at High Point School recently sponsored the Pennies for Patients program with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. During the three weeks of the program students were asked to bring in loose change. The change would be used to help fund research in finding a cure for blood cancers as well as support those undergoing treatment. We set a goal of $2,000. In only three days we blew that goal out of the water! In just three days we raised over $2,600
    Students raised $305 during lunches for Stuck for a Buck.  Mr. Konrad agreed to allow students to stick him to the wall with duct tape.  By the end of the third lunch, we were able to remove the milk crate and he was suspended in mid air!  The surprises did not end there, the second week was a spirit week. Students wore pajamas and brought in pennies, wore neon colors and brought in nickels, dazzled with dimes, went crazy with quarters and teamed up with dollars and change to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The second week brought in over $3,300 in dollars and change! 
    Our campaign came to an end with a grade level challenge.  Fifth grade was victorious and earned being able to sit where they chose in the lunchroom for a day.  We were blown away by the generosity of our High Point families.  In the three weeks, we raised a total of $9,190.50.  Mrs. Wojcik's class was our top class and has earned a pasta party from Olive Garden as a thank you from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Thank you to all those who participated, it would not have been possible without you!
    Pennies for Patients
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  • Students Recognized for Loyalty

    We are proud to recognize these @hpointschool students who were nominated as role models for last month's character theme of Loyalty #osd135

    Jaclyn demonstrates loyalty to herself and to her classmates by being true to herself and by being a good friend to others each and every day.

    Diana is a loyal friend, and doesn't get involved in gossip.
    Logan demonstrates loyalty by respecting his classmates and peers. He always uses kind words and makes his classmates feel happy and special.

    Emma demonstrates loyalty by choosing kind and being honest. She does not hesitate to help a friend in need.

    Sam shows loyalty by being supportive of her classmates & showing commitment to her schoolwork.

    Dannika is a friend to all! I am so proud of how loyal and loving she is to her classmates. She is the first one to help and comfort others in a time of need.

    Ava shows loyalty each and everyday while in school. She is loyal to her friends, classmates, teacher, and herself. She makes good honest choices everyday. I am proud of the girl she has become.

    Sierra demonstrates loyalty throughout her school day. She is honest and loyal with her friendships, her teacher, and her learning. I am proud of her!

    Emma is a responsible and dependable student. She is our student council representative and does a great job motivating our class to participate in the wonderful activities. She is always very helpful and loyal to her classmates.

    Grace is a very loyal student. She is a loyal member of our classroom by helping all of her classmates daily. Grace shows loyalty to her friends on a daily basis and is a wonderful member of our classroom.

    Dakota is a loyal and faithful friend, who is always willing to help out someone in need.

    Katie is a loyal friend and truly is a team player. She helps out wherever she can to make our classroom successful.

    Audrey is a positive influence on our class. Her loyalty to making 4th grade a success is apparent. She makes sure to complete assignments and is a good role model in our classroom.

    Michal’s commitment to his education is phenomenal. He shows persistence and has a wonderful attitude towards school. He is also a wonderful friend to his classmates. Michal can always be trusted to do what is right.

    Elizabeth is loyal to our class and her friends. She makes everyone feel included and always promotes a positive environment. Her smile is contagious.

    Breeanna can always be trusted to do what is right. She shows persistence and has a wonderful attitude towards school. Her commitment to her school work is phenomenal. Breeanna is also a wonderful friend to her classmates.

    Morgan can always be trusted to do what is right. She shows persistence and has a wonderful attitude towards school. Morgan is also committed to her school work and wonderful friend to her classmates.

    Leah has done a great job as our Student Council rep. She attends all the meetings and always updates our class with new information. She participates in the spirit days and has become a loyal member of the High Point community.

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  • Courage


    Here are the students recognized for January's Character Theme of Courage. We are very proud of these High Point students!


    Etienne showed courage this month by sticking up for his friendships, and also branching out from his core group of friends to make new friendships. This take large amounts of courage!

    Colton has done well in math. He is taking risks in his math learning. It take large amounts of courage to take risks in your new learning.

    Aubrey has been doing a great job in math class. She is challenging herself and taking academic risks with her learning. It takes courage to participate and risk sharing your thoughts with the class.

    Allie demonstrates courage by speaking in front of the class, asking questions, and participating in our class discussions. She also helps her friends and those in need regardless of how helping them affects herself.

    Woodley demonstrated courage when he overcame the obstacle of presenting to the class.

    Jack demonstrates courage with his leadership skills in the classroom. Jack is not afraid to participate and share his insightful ideas.

    Max was new to Orland Park this year and he handled his new community and school like a champ! Max had the courage to join our classroom with ease!

    Samma came to High Point as a new student in August. She has really gown since then. Samma has had the courage to work with new textbooks, and work with a group to present different projects.

    She will continue to have the courage to try new things! Yay, Samma!

    I would like to nominate Jessie for January's character trait of Courage. She has demonstrated courage by speaking in front of the class and working as a team member.

    Noah has demonstrated courage with his meaningful and insightful contributions during our whole class and small group discussions. Noah has really been pushing himself academically.

    Ashlee shows courage and confidence each and every day. She always participates in class discussions and volunteers to share her work and writing journal with the class. It takes courage to share with your classmates, and we appreciate her courage in doing so.

    Cole demonstrated courage by sticking up for a student when she was in an uncomfortable situation with another student. It takes courage to do the right thing rather than stand by and allow someone to be mistreated.

    Nate takes his school work seriously and always has the courage to make good choices in the classroom. He is a good friend to everyone and never lets anyone feel left out.

    Ryan is a good student and has the courage to work hard everyday in every subject. He knows when to work and when to play. It takes courage to make good choices.

    Declan has the courage to do what he knows is right. He thinks through his decisions and always chooses to be kind and helpful. He is a great role model in our class.

    Leyla consistently is focused and working hard to accomplish her goals. She is an exemplary student who is a great role model.

    Liam's is always working to remind himself to stay focused and to stay on task. I'm proud of how hard you try Liam.  

    Ryan is courageous in thought and action. He stands up for what is right. He brings others together and acts as a peacemaker. He makes our classroom and our school a better place to be.

    Emmanuel shows courage when he works hard in class. He perseveres when solving challenging problems.

    Victoria shows courage in the classroom by working hard and showing her teacher that she is always trying to do her best.

    Ayva shows that she has courage by working hard and perseveres when tasks are challenging. She doesn't give up when completing difficult tasks.

    Eva shows that she has courage by working hard and she perseveres when tasks are challenging. She never gives up when completing difficult tasks.

    Michal shows that he has courage by working hard and perseveres when tasks are challenging. He also stands up for what is right and helps other in need.

    Zuzanna is always respecting herself no matter what!  She always has the courage to share her thoughts and writing with the class.



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  • Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary Assembly

    What an exciting assembly the students got to attend today: The Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary (exoticwildlifesanctuary.org)! Students got to see three live primates: a cotton top tamarin named Einstein, a ring tailed lemur named Aaliyah, and the black tufted capuchin named Lucian. Ms. Elizabeth told us about their natural habitats, eating and sleeping routines, and about their animal behavior. It tied together nicely with our One School, One Book, The One and Only Ivan.  Check out the photo gallery for all of the exciting photos.

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  • Sc

    Here are the students recognized for December's Character Theme of Self-Control. We are very proud of these High Point students!

    December is an exciting month! I was so impressed with Jaden's work ethic this month in spite of all the holiday distractions. He truly was a role model for many students in class.

    Ayesha demonstrates self control by thinking before she acts. She always respects her classmates and has a very positive attitude.

    Nolan always exercises self control by obeying all the classroom rules, and never talking out of turn. He always raises his hand, and does not speak when others are speaking.

    Sage has always shown great self-control in her actions and words! She will think and wait until a good time to say something.

    Nicole demonstrates great self control during group projects. She helps the group stay focused & on task to be successful.

    Rylee demonstrates self-control on a daily basis. Rylee is always following the High Point Mission Statement of Respect and is kind to others.

    Jose is always prepared and ready to learn!

    Timothy is always a calm and attentive student. He does what he is supposed to do the first time and is always focused on doing his best in all situations. He is a true role model in the classroom.

    Lauren exhibits outstanding self control each and every day. She consistently reacts and responds appropriately and maturely to any situation that arises.

    Karis is an exemplary student, who always goes above and beyond. She does not let those around her distract her from her learning and is an excellent role model to her peers.

    Gabe is a leader in our classroom. He exhibits self control by following classroom rules and procedures. He is a role model for his classmates!

    Yaman has demonstrated self- control by being respectful and responsible for his actions. He has demonstrated that he is in control of his behavior and choices.

    Ayden has demonstrated self- control by controlling his actions, words, and behaviors in fourth grade. He has rocked self-control and being in charge of his choices!

    Henry has demonstrated self- control by controlling his actions, words, and behaviors in fifth grade! The positive choices he is making are observed daily.

    Chris demonstrates self control by paying attention during a lesson, following directions, and staying motivated to do his best!

    Jason has demonstrated self- control in fifth grade. He has made positive choices for his behaviors, actions, and words!

    Julia makes positive choices each and every day and demonstrates self-control through her words and actions in Room 103. She always follows the High Point mission statement of respecting herself and others with her behavior.

    Adam has done a good job of displaying self control in social situations that have previously been difficult for him.

    Chris has shown great improvement in school behaviors this school year. He has taken responsibility for his learning and does a great job working in the classroom. He knows when to ask adults for assistance. We are very proud of Chris.

    Paulina is always demonstrating self control at High Point School. She shows her teachers that she is ready to learn, she is patient, and reacts and responses appropriately on a daily basis.

    Madison shows her teachers that she is ready to learn, she is patient, and reacts and responses appropriately on a daily basis. Madison is always demonstrating self control at High Point School.

    Landen is always demonstrating self control at High Point School. Landen is patient, he reacts and responds appropriately on a daily basis, and he shows his teachers he is ready to learn.

    Elise is always ready to learn. She follows classroom routines and procedures without reminders. She is patient and kind. She is a wonderful example for her classmates.

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  • Thank you, High Point Families for your generous donations for Cal's Angels, benefitting Lurie's Children's Hospital.  Thanks, too, to our student council, Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Bessler for coordinating the efforts.

    Toy Drive

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  • We are very proud of these High Point students who were recognized for being role models of Selflessness, our character focus for the month of November:


    Davyne - Davyne puts others before her in class daily.  She thinks of others that may be left out  and includes them in all activities.  She is a great addition to our High Point community as a kind and caring third grader!  Nominated by Mrs. Mathias


    Pavle  -   He always helps others.   He waits for those who are behind or need more time.  He prompts others in a positive manner and he always is looking to help assist adults.  He makes our room a kinder and better place to be:)  Nominated by Mrs. O’Connor


    Jenna - I see Jenna going out of her way to help her classmates on a daily basis.  She is always looking out for others to help them be successful.  Her acts of selflessness have touched my heart immensely! Nominated by Mrs. Reszel


    Olivia - Olivia is kind to EVERYONE in class. She works with all students that need a partner, and is willing to make a new friend. She shows selflessness each day through her kind words and actions. Nominated by Mrs. Wojcik


    Dominic - Dominic is kind to EVERYONE in class. He works with all students that need a partner, and is willing to make a new friend. He shows selflessness each day through his kind words and actions. Nominated by Mrs. Wojcik


    Morgan - Morgan demonstrates the trait of selflessness because she always makes sure to include all her classmates whether it is in the classroom or outside at recess. Nominated by Mrs. Zughayyer


    Natalia - Natalia demonstrates the trait of selflessness because she always uses kind words when working with her classmates. Nominated by Mrs. Zughayyer


    Ka’Liyah - Ka'Liyah goes out her way to help others in need. There is not a day that goes by that she is not putting the needs of others before herself. She is always lending a helping hand to a classmate or teacher. Nominated by Mrs. Omahen


    Marty - Marty is continually showing what generosity means by offering to share with others and being a cheerleader for all his classmates. Nominated by Mrs. Gilbert


    Migle - Migle is always willing to help out other students.  Even without being asked, she will take the time to explain something in a different way to help them better understand. Nominated by Mrs. Doogan


    Aadi  - Aadi is always willing to work with others in class. He is considerate of other students.  Aadi comes to school each day with a positive attitude and is ready to learn. Nominated by Mrs. Kapsaskis


    Selena - Selena is always looking out for others.  She is the first to offer to help a student or lend a student something.  She is always looking out for others. Nominated by Mrs. Hannigan


    Vivian - Vivian consistently thinks of the feelings of others.  She is the first to volunteer to help out a classmate - even if it means that she loses time on her own independent work.  Vivian is a wonderful example of selflessness, we can all learn a lot from her.  Nominated by Mrs. Carr


    Emilia - Always includes others in group work and projects;  really tries to give of herself for others.  Nominated by Mrs. Weber


    Rhiannon - Always includes others in group work and projects;  really tries to give of the for others.  Nominated by Mrs. Weber


    Lillian - Lily is always looking out for other students. She makes sure everyone is included in groups or has a partner. If she see someone who is in need she reaches out to include them. She is a wonderful friend and is always kind.  Nominated by Mrs. Shuster


    Giselle - Gissele shows selflessness by putting others before her. She always is ready to help a fellow classmate in need. She is a great friend and is kind to everyone.  Nominated by Mrs. Shuster

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    We celebrate these High Point students who were nominated by staff for representing the character trait of HOPE.

    4th grader - Jace: Jace never gives up on himself. When faced with a difficult task or assignment, he uses the resources available to him and makes the best of any situation. He is a fine example to his classmates. I am so proud of the effort he puts forth each and every day.

    3rd grader - Jozef: Jozef arrives to school every day with a warm smile and an eagerness to learn. His kindness and thoughtfulness are extended to every classmate in many varieties of situations. Jozef's positive energy and enthusiasm for learning reflect the HOPE of a day full of wonderful experiences.

    5th grader - Angel: Angel demonstrates hopefulness by his positive attitude and willingness to learn.

    5th grader - Peter: Peter and his family attended the Cubs game in Cleveland. That demonstrates Hope!!!

    5th grader - Zachary: Demonstrated a positive attitude of hope for the future in his poetry writing.

    5th grader - Emma: Emma is consistently positive and always has a good attitude.

    5th grader - Vanessa: She is always kind and supportive to other students.

    5th grader - Mattew: Matt was so hopeful of a Cubs victory all through the World Series, and did not lose hope when they were down 3-1 in the series.


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  • This year the grade level focus for nominating a Golden Apple teacher is for teachers in grades 4-8.  If you'd like to nominate a teacher please click here for information.

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  • Each month High Point School focuses on a character trait from our One School, One Book, The One and Only Ivan. September's character trait was FRIENDSHIP. the following students were nominated by staff for being good role models of FRIENDSHIP. We are so proud of these High Point Students.

    Ceasar - 4th grader: A classmate was having a bad day and was not feeling included. Cesar walked over and asked the girl if she wanted to join his group. Even though his group had finished their work, he was willing to help her complete her work with his group's help.
    Jeffery - 3rd grader: Good attitude and caring for all classmates.
    Brooke - 5th grader: Brooke is a good friend to all the students in our classroom. Brooke demonstrates respectfulness and kindness. She always has a positive attitude and is a wonderful role model to others.
    Edwin - 3rd grader: I have witnessed Edwin going out of his way to show kindness and friendship towards his peers. He has the character traits of being a good friend.
    Mohammad - 5th grader: Mohammad is a great friend to all the students in our classroom. He always makes sure that everyone is included & has someone to play with.
    Kaylee - 5th grader: Kaylee demonstrates friendship skills by including others, listening, and being a good friend to all student body.
    Dakota - 5th grader: Always friendly and willing to share or help others.
    Claudia - 5th grader: Claudia is patient and kind, a friend to all of the students in our class. She works well with anyone she is paired with, bringing a smile along with her.
    Brianna - 5th grader: When a new student entered our class, Bri was so very helpful. She took the student under her wing for the whole day.
    Gavin - 3rd grader: Gavin has showed friendship and kindness to many students in the classroom. He has reached out to several students who needed a partner, and asked them to join his group. He also helps a fellow classmate organize his materials in the classroom. He shows empathy towards others as well. Gavin always uses kind words when talking with his classmates and teachers.

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  • Please click HERE to read the important notice about parent pick up at 3:15.

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  • Don’t forget! Our final deadline for Parents For Education is coming!  Remember - The PFE supports fun student activities all year long that benefit EVERY student at High Point. Your annual family membership is ONLY $15!!  Support these activities and be a part of the PFE family!  Remember, this is a family membership which covers every child you may have in ALL schools for Orland District 135.   

    Click here to print a membership form.

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  • High Point remembered Patriot Day and the 15th anniversary of what occurred on September 11, 2001, not only those who lost their lives, but those who demonstrated great heroism.  In addition we celebrated Constitution Day which is remembered next week on September 17.   High Point School honored both days by wearing red, white and blue on September 9.  As we are proud to be a part of the High Point Community, we also celebrate the rights and freedoms we are lucky to have by living in the The United States of America.


    3rd graders

    4th graders

    5th graders


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  • High Point Open House


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  • You may access the informaiton sent to High Point families via email blast on July 28 by clicking on the links below:


    Welcome Back Letter with IMPORTANT information and dates


    Dr. Conrad, High Point's new assistant principal, intro. letter to High Point families


    High Point Supply List for 2016-17


    2 page form to filled out for Emergency Contacts and Health Information



    We look forward to seeing all High Point families very soon!

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  • Selflessness

    Each month High Point students and staff focus on a character trait that was prevalent in our One School, One Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During the month of March the trait was Selflessness. We are so proud of the following students nominated by their teachers for demonstrating Selflessness:

    Peter Paleothodoros: Peter is a great listener and an wonderful friend to his classmates. He thinks about how other people feel and always chooses kind because he knows it is the right thing to do.

    Claire Ashum: Claire is always willing to go out of her way to help others in need. She treats her peers with respect and kindness.

    Madeline Carroll: Madeline shows selflessness by putting the needs of her classmates in front of her own needs. Madeline is always willing to do the right thing and help others.

    Jonathan Snider: Jonathan gave his gift to another student who did not get one during the winter party. Jonathan saw that the other students was upset about not receiving something and Jonathan gave his own gift to his classmate.

    Wioletta Ligas: Wioletta is always willing to help others. She never expects a reward of any kind and genuinely seems to enjoy lending a helping hand.

    Zuzanna Skiba: Zuzanna show selflessness on a daily basis when working with her classmates. She cares about the feelings of others and always has a positive attitude. Her kind, caring, and soft spoken demeanor make her a role model for her classmates.

    Isabella Krueger: Bella is always going out of her way to help others, whether it's students or teachers. Her kindness shows what a great role model she is to others!

    John Masino: John plays with all students. He is positive and friendly in his interactions with adults and peers. John engages in classroom activities and includes others.

    Riley McDoniel: She is kind, positive and helpful to the students in her class.

    Adrian Abram: Adrian is a quiet leader in our school. He role models the behaviors of accepting others, being ready to learn, and including others point of view.

    Laiza Diaz: Liaza is always willing to put others' needs before her own.

    Jesnia Soto: Jesnia selflessly donated 10 inches of her hair for cancer patients.

    John Walicek (not pictured): John is tolerant and patient. He will come to the aid of any student. He is a joy!

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  • This week students will bring home an information and pledge sheet for High Point's 5th annual Walk-A-Thon.  Why are we doing the Walk-A-Thon?  We have two goals:

    1. To promote a healthier lifestyle to our children
    2. To raise funds to help with the purchase of new, 21st Century Furniture for High Point's Library; this will include collaborative areas to come together as readers, writers and a true community of 21st Century learners who create, collaborate, communicate and develop critical thinking.  Tables and chairs designed to work well in such an environment can be grouped together or apart to meet the learning needs of the students as individuals or in groups.

    We hope each family will participate in the sponsored walk to the best of its ability.  If every family raises at least $10, we will be well on our way of reaching our goal.  

    As an incentive to the children, we will be entering the name of each student that raises at least $10 into a raffle to win a $50 Toys R Us Gift Card.  For every $25 a student raises, an additional raffle ticket will be earned. 

    This year's Walk-A-Thon will take place on Friday, April 1, thus named the April Fool's Dash.  With good weather, the times will be:

    • 3rd grade:  8:15 - 9:00
    • 4th grade:  9:15 - 10:00
    • 5th grade:  10:15 - 11:00

    Parents are welcome to help with the supervision of the walk.  Please call the main office (364-4400), between the hours of 10:30 - 1:30 to indicate your willingness to help.  In the event of inclement weather, parents will not be needed.  Students will walk in groups of two homerooms at a time throughout the day, in the halls.  


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  • Student Council will be hosting a P.A.W.S. fundraiser from March 10, 2016 to March 25, 2016.  The People's Animal Welfare Society of Tinley Park is a non-profit organization devoted to providing shelter to abandoned, lost and relinquished pets.  P.A.W.S. is dedicated to finding safe and permanent homes for these animals.  Our collections for P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park:

    • Monday:  "Dime Day"
    • Tuesday:  "Gnarly Nickel Day"
    • Wednesday: "Dime Day"
    • Thursday:  "Gnarly Nickel Day"
    • Friday:  "Quarters for Creatures Day"

    Thank you for donating to a "furry cause."

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  • Congratulations to Adrian Abram (2nd place) and Wioletta Ligas (honorable mention) for being recognized as winners in the Women's History Month Writing Contest sponsored by American Association of University Women. Both of these students are in Mrs. Necas' homeroom. They worked together with three teachers: Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Kampa and Mrs. Necas on their writing pieces. Student writing has become more focused and developed during the writing workshop process. We are so proud of these two talented students who represent High Point's Community of Writers.


    Writing Contest Winners

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  • Each month High Point students and staff focus on a character trait that was prevelant in our One School, One Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During the month of February the trait was Compassion. Starting with the month of February, students could be nominated by teachers for demonstrating this character trait. We are so proud of the following students nominated for demonstrating compassion:

    Kyle Kuchel: Kyle is happy to work with anyone in class! He always has a smile on his face and goes the extra mile to make others fell accepted.

    Axel Arroyo: Axel shows compassion to his teachers and his classmates. Axel shows a genuine interest in others and also shows empathy.

    Madelyn Augustyn: Maddie is helpful with the other students and very accepting of their challenges! She is just wonderful!

    Phoebe Hodge: Phoebe accepts others and is always kind. She is always being a positive leader!

    Theresa Adams: Theresa is always seeing how others are feeling and quietly supporting them. She is always watching out for others.

    Carson Callis: Carson always notices when his peers need a little encouragement or help. He always cares about how everyone is feeling.

    Ryan Campbell: Ryan goes out of her way to help her classmates. She shows concern for others, has a wonderful heart, and is a great friend.

    Nicolette Allen: Nicolette has taken several of her classmates under her wing on countless occasions. She helps others achieve their personal best and loves to celebrate accomplishments! (Not pictured)

    Students Nominated for Compassion

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  • The 4th grade teachers would like to sincerely thank the Home Depot for their generosity for donating a case of pipe insulation to High Point School’s 4th grade. Illinois has adopted new science standards, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); these standards use many hands-on activities and explorations. These materials provided our students with a rich and rewarding science experiment. The students learned a great deal constructing roller coasters using the pipe insulation and were thrilled to be able to have such fun while learning important concepts. Thanks to their generous donation the students learned about potential and kinetic energy and were able to conduct four different experiments. The hands-on experience deepened their understanding of Energy. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive company in our community. You really go above and beyond to make Orland Park a better place!  Photos of students using these materials can be found in the photo gallery.

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  • This is a friendly request to remind your student to not pull the cord from their iPad charger from far away when removing their iPad from the charger.  We have had to inform several families that they need to replace the charger for a cost of $29.  It is also important to remind families that younger or older siblings should not be using the school iPad.  The iPad is designated for the High Point student for which it has been assigned.  

    Thank you for your cooperation to be sure this important instructional tool is available for all learning activities needed this year.  

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  • The school store will be open on most Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Students can purchase novelty school supply items such as pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, highlighters and bookmarks for a nominal cost.  The store opens at 7:40 a.m. through the first bell.  Students can come to the office door to be buzzed in if they would like to visit the school store.   

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  • All students should upgrade their school iPad with the new software update.  This can be accomplished by going to settings, software update, and following the prompts.  

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