In the event your child is absent, please call the 24 hour hotline before 8 a.m.    Our absentee hotline number is 364-3939.  Please leave your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence.  Be as specific as possible as we report all contagious illnesses to the school nurse.  If your child is absent from school for 3 consecutive days or more, a doctor’s note specifying the nature of the illness is required. Students who are ill or injured, but well enough to attend school, may be excused from PE or recess with a note from the physician. If you do not call absences into school, please know that we will attempt to call you at home or at work to ensure that your child is safe. You can assist by providing us with your most recent telephone numbers. Students will be given missed work after 2 consecutive days of absence.  If a student is absent more than 15 consecutive days, they will be dropped from our system, and you will need to re-register your child.