Board Advisory Committees 2019-2021

Board Advisory Committees Selection Process

  • Below is a description of the process used to select individuals to serve on each committee:

    1. The initial formation of all five (5) Board Advisory Committees which consist of 30 spots (6 per committee) produced applications from 114 individuals.
    2. A blind screen of the applications was completed by assigning a unique number to each applicant.
    3. Applications responses identified by the unique number were scored by 1 Board member, 1 parent, 1 certified staff member and 1 administrator; the four scores were added together to determine a total score.
    4. For each committee, the total score for each unique number was sorted from highest to lowest and based on the applicant’s priority of serving on the committee.
    5. The final step included ensuring committee representation of various stakeholders (parent, community, and staff) from each boundary area of Orland.
    6. Notifications were sent via email to all applicants to let them know if they were or were not selected to serve on a committee.
    7. The data from this process will remain on file in the event an alternate is needed to serve on a committee.

    The Board appreciates all interested parties for taking the time to complete the application and for their interest in serving Orland 135.




    To view the scoring rubric, click here.

Board of Education Committees

School Ambassadors

    • Centennial: Linda Peckham-Dodge
    • Center: Michael Maratea
    • Century Jr. High: Laura Berry and Sandra Kulak
    • High Point: Sandra Kulak
    • Jerling Jr. High: Michael Maratea and Tara Schreiber
    • Liberty: Laura Berry
    • Meadow Ridge: Devin Hodge
    • Orland Jr. High: Devin Hodge and Dave Shalabi
    • Park: Dave Shalabi
    • Prairie: Tara Schreiber