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  • High Point School Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.   (Early Release Days: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

    Students enrolled in band, choir or orchestra dismiss at 3:15 on their designated days.

    Students should not arrive until 7:40 a.m. when adult supervision is available for safety.

    Parent drop off and pick up is behind High Point School, next to the John Humphrey Complex.

     High Point Absentee Hotline:  (708) 364-4440


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  • Students recognized for Helpfulness    

    Students Recognized for HELPFULNESS

    We are so proud of the following students who were recognized as role models for November's character trait of Helpfulness:
    Thank you, Evan, for always willing to help others and for helping with Friday Folders each week!
    Thank you, Edgar, for always helping to pass out materials and Friday Folders each week!
    Olivia, you are such a good friend. Thank you for always helping others to smile!
    Audrey, I can always count on you. Thank you for always being so helpful!
    Taylor demonstrates helpfulness on a daily basis. She is kind to her peers and is always offering a helping hand to her teacher.
    Angelina demonstrates the trait of helpfulness because she is always willing to help her classmates whether it's to have their materials out or reminding them to carefully follow directions.
    Sadeen is one of the most helpful students in class! She is always wiling to help out a staff member or classmate. She loves to organize materials and help her classmates to be ready to learn.
    Ahmed is a very helpful classmate. He always has a smile on his face as he lends a helping hand.
    Sarah is a very helpful student. She is always willing to help a classmate, whether it is to catch up on work or to re-explain directions.
    Alexis is always ready to help other students whenever the need arises. She is always patient and willing to explain ideas and show others how to do different things.
    Claire is someone I can always count on to help in the classroom She is a dependable student that is helpful to others as well. I appreciated all of her help when working at the "Hornet's Nest".
    Addy is always ready, willing, & able to jump right in & help both teachers & classmates, sometimes without even being asked!
    Conor is always willing to jump in and do whatever is needed. He is a big help to me in the classroom and can often recognize when someone else in class could use some help. We are lucky to have him in our room!
    Lillian is great help in Room 103! She is willing to do anything she can to help the day go smoothly and always with a smile on her face. Lillian is also a patient helper with anyone who needs assistance.
    Jawad is always willing to help in our classroom. He looks out for his friends and offers to help them if they are not sure what to do. He is always there to do a job that needs to be done to keep our classroom running smoothly!
    Keaghan is always helping in our classroom. At the end of every day she is helping to make sure no one leaves anything behind. And she does this without being asked. Thanks for helping!
    Luke is always looking for ways to help others. He always pitches in...and he never needs to be asked!
    Maddie always pitches in. She helps by stepping up when others do not...thanks Maddie!
    Jordan thinks of others all the time.. and how he can help them. He is the first one to jump up when something is needed.
    Maddy is always willing to help someone else. She is happy to lend a helping hand to her teachers, classmates, and friends whenever and wherever they need her.
    Griffin is helpful to his classmates and looks out for everyone.
    Katherine is kind and helpful to everyone. She wants to make sure all of her classmates know the expectations and she goes out of her way to help them.
    Zoe is consistently an amazing help in art class and art club. She jumps in to help wherever needed with a smile on her face!
    Jennevieve is an amazing helper in art class. She often stays after class to organize and clean up after her classmates. She is happy to help with a smile on her face!
    Vivian always goes out of her way to help others. She helps me throughout lessons to keep me on track in a positive way!
    Jeeda is ready to help both teachers and students whenever needed. Her positive spirit is most welcome!
    Evin is always willing to help out his classmates when they have questions.
    Sammy is always lending a helping hand.
    Katie is always lending a helping hand.
    Mayrin is always lending a helping hand.
    Jenna is always lending a helping hand.
    Amani is always lending a helping hand.
    Sebastian is always lending a helping hand.
    Reese is always lending a helping hand.
    Bailee is always lending a helping hand.
    Jordan is a great helper in art class. He is always willing to help his classmates and Mrs. Grasman clean up the room!
    Sydney is always helpful in the classroom with her peers, her teacher and with substitutes.
    Jake is always helpful in the classroom with her peers, her teacher and with substitutes.
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  • High Point Elementary School, located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago with students in grades 3–5, incorporates one-to-one iPad, MacBook, 3D printers, green screens, and Apple TV. Access to Apple technology makes it possible for teachers to adapt to students’ individual curricular needs, instructional levels, and interests, and gives students more opportunities for choice in their education. For example, students choose how to create reading response projects, such as with an iMovie video, a Keynote presentation, a book, or a report in Pages. Through use of iTunes U, students have access to resources about a specific learning topic. Flipped instruction allows for more peer-to-peer collaboration time in the classroom. Gallery walks allow students to showcase their learning while also inspiring others. Please read more about our story of innovation through our vision, teaching and learning experiences here.

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