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    Orland School District 135 provides student transportation services to approx. 4,700 students every school day.  The Transportation Department is responsible for the daily operation for student transportation to and from school, scheduling of all field, athletic, and co-curricular trips.  Contract transportation services are provided by American School Bus Company (ABC) for regular education students and Sunrise Southwest for special education students.
    Transportation Eligibility:

    The district will provide free transportation for all students who reside:
    1. A distance of one and one-half (1½) miles or more from their assigned schools
    2. Within 1½ miles of the assigned schools, but for whom walking would constitute a serious hazard as determined by the Illinois Department of Transportation standards. 

    *Fee-based transportation services are available for students who reside less than 1½ miles from school and are not in an area deemed hazardous. The link to this request form can be found on the right hand of this page. More information regarding the Fee-Based Bus Service can also be found on the Fee-Based Bus Service page to the left.

    Transportation routes are designed in the interest of safety and efficiency.  The large number of students being transported makes it impossible to provide for house stops or special requests stops that are not related to a safety issue.  Bus stops are arranged for each route within the established state guidelines for the distance students walk from their homes to the stop.  Walk to Stop guidelines are; .12 miles for students K - 2nd grade and .24 miles for students in grades 3 though 8. 
    Transportation services are also provided free of charge for special education students if included in the student’s individualized education program (IEP) or as otherwise required by law. All special education students will be transported in accordance with current rules and regulations, as well as the Illinois School Code.
    Transportation safety is a shared responsibility and is enhanced with the active participation of students, parents, school staff, and our school bus drivers. School bus safety training is conducted with students and staff each year.
    The Transportation Department is happy to answer any questions that may arise regarding a student's transportation to or from school and school-sponsored activities.
    The Transportation Department is open on school days during the regular school year from 7:30 AM until the last school bus completes the afternoon route sequence, generally 4:15 PM.

Transportation Contacts

  • Felicia Delgado
    Transportation Coordinator
    Gina Gaughan
    Operations Secretary


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