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Welcome Letter

  • Dear Orland School District 135 Families,

    Welcome, to the 2019-2020 school year! We are eager to greet Orland School District 135 students and families as we enter another school year with excitement!

    This year, we are excited to refine and improve our tier I and tier II instruction as we continue to enhance our core curricula and special programs for students. A driving factor behind how we shape our classroom experiences for our students, is your feedback and input to us! The work of improving curriculum, assessment, and instruction is never complete.  In addition to shareholder feedback, student assessment data, State mandates, and community changes also guide our continuous work to provide the best educational experiences for our District 135 students. 

    Since August 2016, Orland School District 135 has been working with teachers, parents, and students to identify the purposes of grades. Through surveys and discussions, the most common purpose for grades is to to identify skills mastered and skills that continue to need work or to accurately communicate how students are doing and what comes next in learning.

    When we are asked about standards-based grading, and asked to simply state what it is, the answer starts with purpose as the definition. Standards-based grading is a method for being more clear, more accurate, and more consistent in how we report student progress.

    Standards-based grading provides a means for appropriately labeling and assessing behavior and learning separately, leveling the playing field for students, and achieving the goal of more clear and consistent reporting.

    This school year, updates and changes regarding standards-based grading are being made based on your invaluable feedback. More information on standards-based grading can be found by clicking here.

    Other highlights for 2019-2020 will include:

    • Implementing a new primary curriculum resource for World/Foreign Langugages in grades 7 and 8
    • Gaining clarity and consistency in curriculum-based assessments
    • Balancing whole group, small group, and independent classroom teaching and learning 
    • Strengthening teaching and demonstrating of learning through rigor and depth of knowledge
    • Aligning lessons and student work to standards and clear learning targets
    • Improving feedback to student performance and demonstration of learning
    • Working with curricular teams to research social science resources for supporting updated social science standards

    Thank you again for your time, consideration, and dedication. On behalf of Orland School District 135, we wish all of our families a great school year!



    The Department of Curriculum

  •  Mission Statement

    The mission of professional development in Orland School District 135 is to promote a lifelong collaborative learning process that nourishes the growth of educators by improving their skills and abilities, both as individuals and as team members. We believe the ultimate goal of professional development is to improve learning for all students. All professional development will reflect these frameworks:

    • Research

    • Data Base Decisions

    • Effective Teaching Practices

    • Scientifically Based Practices

    Goals of the Curriculum Department Professional Development:

    Supports the District's strategic plan for improving student achievement.

    Is driven by student needs and the skills teachers require to meet those needs.

    Is sustained and intensive with opportunities for collaborative application and review.

    Is designed to help teachers and other staff members meet the needs of students who learn in different ways and who come from diverse backgrounds.

    Is evaluated on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning.

    This assessment guides the subsequent professional development efforts. 

Homework Policy and Explanation