• Students that participate in the lunch program can take the following items to complete the featured lunch of the day

    The standard lunch consists of 1 entree, 1 side, and 1 milk


    Entree: Pasta, Hamburger, Chicken Sandwich, Pizza, Breakfast Item

    Side: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies, Side Salad, Starch (tater tots, potato wedge, waffle fries)

    Milk: White, Chocolate, Strawberry (seasonal)


    The following items are featured ala-carte and not a part of the complete lunch meal, therefore, must be purchased separately

    Fries, Shakes, Slushy, Ice Cream, Cookies, Snacks, Bottled Beverages


    Additional Daily Menu Entree Offerings can be purchased ala-carte and combined with the lunch program