• Safe Schools

    Orland School District 135 provides for the protection of students, staff, and facilities in emergencies. The purpose of this Safe Schools information is to keep you informed of the District’s responsibilities, and your responsibilities as a parent, in the case of a variety of emergency situations. To maximize the effectiveness of this information, please familiarize yourself with the contents. If a crisis occurs, you will need to quickly find the appropriate information.

    Each school has a Crisis Response Team, which includes the principal, psychologist, a counseling staff member, and nurse. The principal chooses team members and schedules annual meetings to review the response plan and update staff.

    All Principals and District Office Administrators maintain an up-to-date copy of a Crisis Response Plan, a procedural guide to nearly all of the possible crises a school district may face. Copies of the Plan are also provided to the Orland Park and Orland Hills Police Departments and the Orland Fire Protection District.

  • The Safe Schools Vision
    Every student, staff member and parent has the right to a safe school environment. A safe school:

    Promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect which honors diversity and integrity;
    Fosters personal responsibility while respecting the rights of others; and
    Creates an environment free from harassment.

  • OSD 135 Safety Committee Members

    John Bryk, Superintendent
    Dr. Lynn Zeder, Asst. Supt. for Teaching & Learning
    Dave Snyder, Director of Curriculum
    Rick Hansen, Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance

  • Community Team Members

    Joseph Mitchell, Chief of Police, Orland Park
    Eric Rossi, Deputy Chief of Police, Orland Park
    Michael Blaha, Chief of Police, Orland Hills

    Michael Schofield, Fire Chief, Orland Fire Protection District
    Joe Moore, Battalion Chief, Orland Fire Protection District
    Kathy Passafiume, Youth & Family Clinical Director, Orland Township
    Paul Smith, Principal, St. Michael School
    Mary Iannucilli, Principal, Cardinal Joseph Bernadin School