• Library Procedures 

    Book Checkout

    • Students check out books for a 1 week loan period
    • Books are due the day of library class
    • Students visit the library once a week 
    • Students may get a new book when the current book is returned
      • Kindergarten may check out 1 book
      • 1st grade checks out 1 book and 2 books the second half of the year
      • 2nd grade may check out 2 books
    • Students may renew a book once  

    Overdue Materials

    • The library does not charge overdue fines
    • Students receive an overdue notice for each week the book is late

    Lost or Damaged Materials

    • Students may receive a bill when a book is 3 weeks late
    • Students may be charged for damaged or lost books
    • If the lost book is found before the end of the school year and returned in good condition, your payment may be reimbursed.