• Welcome to the Full Day Kindergarten page!
    Below you will find a video of current kindergarten students telling us what they would do if they had a full day of kindergarten.  To the right,  you will see writing and reading curriculum guides for kindergarten students.  You can find other kindergarten curriculum guides and maps on their designated pages (which can be accessed by clicking on the subject on the left-hand side of this page - you must be logged into the website to view curriculum guides and maps).
    There is also a sample schedule for a full day classroom, which can be found by clicking on the link in the right-hand column of this page.  While all classes will not have the same time slots for each subject, we anticipate the amount of time for each subject to mimic the schedule below.
    Please contact Director of Curriculum Dave Snyder (dsnyder@orland135.org - (708) 364- 3319) with any questions you have! 

Kindergarten Sample Schedule