Orland School District 135


Orland School District 135 Community Spirit Award

Do you know someone in the Orland School District 135 community who should be recognized for giving their time and talents to benefit of the students?

District 135 is fortunate to have dedicated community and parent groups who actively support the District 135 experience.

These individuals or groups have exemplified the spirit of leadership and dedication by donating their time, talents or resources to benefit the students of District 135.

The newly created D135 Community Spirit Award acknowledges these esteemed community members and allows teachers, parents, students and community members to nominate groups or individuals to be recognized for their service to the District.

Community Spirit Award Recipients:

  • November 2013 - Dr. Bill Smith, Spell Master of the Orland Open Spelling Bee
  • February 2014 - Steve Buzzard, Dedicated bus driver for the ABC Bus Company

Nominate a parent, community member or group who has inspired the students of Orland School District 135: