Superintendent's Welcome

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    On behalf of the Board of Education, administration, and staff, welcome to the Orland School District 135 website. We trust you will find a wealth of information regarding our schools, initiatives, programs, and activities during your visit to our website.  The Board of Education and administration are dedicated to serving the students, staff, parents, caregivers, and greater learning community.  Together, we will establish short term and long term goals and a multi-year action plan. 
    Through our mission, we strive to provide a safe environment wherein all students will be prepared to meet the challenges of the future.  In the recent past, the district has implemented its 1:1 technology initiative.  In addition, full-day kindergarten will begin in the 2016-2017 school year.  Our academic program fosters an environment in which students will be prepared to succeed in an ever-changing world.  This vision is built on best research and practices in education, and we continue to reflect on our professional practices to ensure the very best education there is to offer our students.
    Orland School District 135 is located in Cook County, Illinois, approximately 25 miles southwest of Chicago’s Loop, and includes the majority of the villages of Orland Park and Orland Hills, as well as unincorporated land to the south and to the west. The district comprised of approximately 25 square miles.
    Considered to be a large elementary school district in the State of Illinois, Orland 135 serves an average of 5,000 students within four primary schools, three intermediate schools, and three junior high schools.  The following link is a snapshot of the district’s demographic statistics on its student and professional staff, assessment performance, and finances. (Illinois Report Card OSD 135))
    Our administration and staff are committed to fostering learning environments that focus on communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. These foundational skills are imperative for students to develop in order to compete in a global economy. Our goal is to ensure that students not only become knowledgeable, but that we also provide them with the necessary skills to think for themselves, problem solve, and to make informed decisions about what they have learned.
    As a district, we are fortunate to have our parents as our partners. Each school has Parents for Education (PFE) group to help provide programs for students. We are grateful for their service and support to our students and hope that you would consider participating in this group.
    At District 135, we welcome your feedback.  Be sure to contact us using the information found in the staff directory.
    Dr. DJ Skogsberg, Superintendent