• Optional Keyboards for Junior High

    During our extensive process of evaluating devices for junior high students we reached out to surrounding districts using iPads in the junior high and high school settings.  All of these districts clearly stated that students using iPad without keyboards were just as accurate and productive without keyboards as with keyboards. Districts that did initially purchase keyboards for JH and HS students found that after a month the majority of students were detaching keyboards in favor of the onscreen version.  Additionally, national assessments such as PARCC no longer require keyboards with iPads due to research results indicating there was not a performance gap between student with and without keyboards in the testing environments.
    That being said, Orland School district will provide students and parents the opportunity to purchase a keyboard case to be used in school if desired. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY KEYBOARD CASE PERMITTED ON OSD 135 IPADS.  Using any other case other than the STM Dux case issued with the device or the Logitech Rugged Combo Case will exclude students from the Orland School District 135 Protection Plan outlined in the device handbook. Any damage to a device not in one of these two cases will result in the full replacement fee to be assessed.  Blue tooth keyboards can be used at home, but can not be used in school or during assessment testing.  The Logitech Rugged iPad directly connects to the iPad (no Bluetooth) and has been drop tested.
    Keyboard Case
    You can learn more about this case here.  Currently these are only available to schools. These keyboard cases are school grade durability and come with a 3 year limited hardware warranty.  The cost is $100 and must be ordered though the link below.  The district keeps a small number of these on hand and will deliver cases on a first come first serve basis based on payment date.  This is a new product designed for the newest version of iPad.  For this reason, supplies are limited and delivery may take up to 3-4 weeks.  
    To order a case:
    1. Click on this link and complete the order form.
    2. As soon as you complete the order form a payment slip will be emailed to the address provided in the order.  Return this slip to your school with a check made out Orland School District for $100.  The date the payment is received is the date used to fulfill case orders in the event of limited supply.
    3. Once the case arrives, tech staff will install the iPad in the new case and take the original district issued STM Dux case.  This new keyboard case is your property.  If the student decides not to use the keyboard case, they MUST see the building tech staff to have the original case re-installed.  All damage to the iPad outside of the Rugged Logitech or STM Dux case is the responsibility of the student/parent which could result in being assessed the full replacement cost of the device.