Online Grade Book

Sample image of student Gradebook
  • Number 1 Access the student Gradebook through the GRADEBOOK tab.  You must select an individual child from the top drop down menu in order to see a gradebook.


    Number 2  MISSING EVENTS (ASSIGNMENTS)- This area displays any events indicated as missing by the teacher. Links provide parents/student quick access to event and course details.


    Number 3  COURSE ANCHOR STANDARD (SUBJECT)- A cross-grade level strand with coresponding, grade level specific, learning tagets/skills.


    Number 4  LEARNING TARGET/SKILL- Corresponds with anchor standard. Developed from Common Core Standards and define what students should understand and be able to do by the end of each grade.


    Number 5  EVENTS (ASSIGNMENTS) TIED TO LEARNING TARGET/SKILL- These are all of the assessments tied to a particular skill/learning target.  An event (assignment) may be listed under multiple learning targets/skills if the event assesses more than one skill/target.  An event's score may differ for each learning skill as the child's understanding of each skill may differ. 


    Number 6  PROGRESS REPORT- This icon can be clicked at any time to provide an overview of student performance in course learning target. This will display grading scale and descriptions in addition to current grade mark for each skill.

    Sample of student progress report

    Links on this page:

    Show All Events Shows all events (assignments) related to this learning target. 

    Show Events Shows all events (assignments) related to skill.

    Grade Mark Legend Displays relevant score legend for learning target.


    Number 7  EVENT (ASSIGNMENT) -This is an individual assignment. Clicking on the assignment will provide further details about an event.

    Assign Date:  Date event (assignment) assigned

    Due Date: Date event (assignment) due

    Grade: Indicates the students understanding of the skill based on the grade mark legend for the learning target. (Note: If there is a speech buble next to the grade, the teacher added a comment)

    Missing: Check mark indicates event is missing

    No Count: Check mark indicates this event does not count towards overall learning skill/target grade. 

    Sample image of event details


    Number 8  N/A- This learning target or skill is not assessed at this time.