Image of sample Food Service Tab in Skyward Family Access

Food Service

  • Number 1 Once logged into Skyward Family Access, click the Food Service Tab.


    Number 2  CURRENT ACCOUNT BALANCE- This is a real time balance for individual student.  Each student has his or her own Food Service account.


    Number 3 WEEKLY PURCHASES- Using the Previous Week and Next Week navigation links at the top, a parent can see each purchase made by a student along with a weekly total.  Parents can also set purchase limits using the Set Purchase Limit link.


    Number 4  MAKE A PAYMENT- This link will allow parents to add funds to student lunch account. This link will take you to RevTrack to complete the process.  RevTrack has its own login and password and you most likely set it up during payment of student registration fees.  Once in RevTrack, you can add funds to multiple student lunch accounts and set up an automatic replenishment schedule if desired. For more information about RevTrack, click here.


    Number 5 PAYMENT HISTORY- This area shows any payments made to a student food service account.  This includes payments made at the school checkout line and online RevTrack payments.