Image of Skyward Conference Home Screen

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

  • Number 1  Conference Tab- Click to access conference page.


    Number 2  View Scheduled Times - Displays already scheduled conferences.  Also allows you to cancel/reschedule a conference. (See below for details)


    Number 3  All Conferences- Displays all available conferences and allows you to schedule a conference. (See below for details)


    Number 7  Print All Scheduled Conferences- Provides a printable schedule for all scheduled conferences.


    All Conferences Tab

     Screenshot of All Conference window

    Number 4 Select a Time- Click on this to view all available time slots and select a conference time.


    Number 5  Time of already scheduled conference. You can only schedule one conference with each teacher. You can change this time by clicking on View Scheduled Times and then clicking on the Unschedule link. 


    View Scheduled Times Tab

    Screen shot of Conference Times Tab

    Number 6 Unschedule- This will allow you to cancel a scheduled conference allowing you to schedule a different time on the All Conferences Tab.