• Annual Proof of Residency

    Orland School District 135 will use the CLEAR public database to automatically verify current family address information.  This process was implemented to streamline the process for district families while still assuring that students enrolled in our school are residents within the boundaries of District 135. 

    CLEAR uses parent's name and address to crosscheck the information against public electronic databases such as utility companies.  This process is completed prior to the registration and residency kickoff in early spring.

    If your residency is verified through the CLEAR process, you will not need to submit any additional documentation to certify that you live within the district.

    If your residency is not verified through the CLEAR process, you will be notified to submit the documents through the process listed below.

    Online Residency Verification

    (For new families or if notified to do so)

    New families to the district and families that have not been verified through the CLEAR process must provide documentation showing residency at an address within district boundaries. You must provide 1 document from Category A and 3 documents from Category B, totaling 4 documents.  You should black out any account and social security numbers on the documents. All documents must be current and show your name and address.

    Click here to submit your proof of residency documents. 


    You must provide one (1) document from Category A

    AND three (3) current (within 30 days) documents from Category B.

    • Gas bill
    • Cable bill
    • Electric bill
    • Vehicle registration
    • Water/Sewer bill (current water bill may be older than 30 days)
    • Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance
    • Phone bill (no cell)
    • Orland Park Vehicle Sticker
    • Driver's License


    New student required documents for registration (in addition to requirements above):

    • Transfer Slip from previous school (if child previously attended school) or last complete report card
    • If your child has special needs, any records necessary for a special placement should be provided, Copies of any IEP or 504 documents from the previous district 
    • Proof of Residency (Please review the residency tab (at left) for registration requirements).
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Copy of Illinois physical, or for out of state students need for a vision exam or waiver and an Illinois physical.


    Additional Documents required for Kindergarten

    • Physical Examination 
    • A dental examination 
    • A vision/eye examination 


    Additional Documents required for 2nd Grade

    • A dental examination 


    Additional Documents required for 6th Grade

    • Physical Examination
    • A dental examination 

    Click here for all health forms.


    Military Exemption

    When a student's change of residence is due to the military service obligation of the student's legal custodian, the student's residence is deemed to be unchanged for the duration of the custodian's military service obligation if the student's custodian made a written request. The District, however, is not responsible for the student's transportation to or from school. If, at the time of enrollment, a dependent child of military personnel is housed in temporary housing located outside of the District, but will be living within the District within 60 days after the time of initial enrollment, the child is allowed to enroll, subject to the requirements of State law, and must not be charged tuition, in according to policy 7:60.

Homeless Families

  • Residency Verification


    All returning families should receive an email with information on how to prove residency online. 


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