Getting to Know Your Skyward

Sample Image of Skyward Home Page
  • 1 MY ACCOUNT- Use this link to view your account setting and update password.  You can also set up set up email and wall alerts. 

    Image of Email notifications in account settings

    2 STUDENT SELECTOR - This allows you to select one student or see all students within your household. Some features such as the gradebook require you to select a single student.


    3  AVAILABLE SKYWARD FEATURES - These are all of the features you have within skyward.  These can change throughout the year.  For example, you may will see conferences in the fall and student re-registration tabs in the spring.


    4 YOUR WALL - This is unique to you.  You may see messages here from the school, messages from the Gradebook or Food Service.  You can customize these in the My Account link.


    5 UPCOMING EVENTS AND CALENDAR - This could include upcoming or past events (assignments) or events added by the teacher, school or district.


    6 EXIT - Use this to log out when done visiting Skyward.


    7 LANGUAGE SELECTOR - Use this to change the entire Skyward site including attached forms to another language.