Instructional Tech Department
Instructional Tech Department
Students Teaching Teachers at Instructional Tech Professional Development
Teachers at an Instructional Technology Professional Development Workshop
  • Fun Facts About the Instructional Technology Department


    We know how technology has crept into our our personal and professional lives, but how has it changed the Instructional Technology Department? 

    Then and Now





    Maintaining the functionality of network, phone systems and devices.

    Maintaining the functionality of network, phone systems and devices in addition to staff professional development, supporting staff as they learn to integrate technology into instruction and shift from a teacher centered to a student centered classroom.

    Number of devices (including servers, access points, mobile and desktop units, projectors)



    Number of network and online platforms supported (including testing, curricular, network functionality, security camera)



    Typical frequency of software updates

    2 years


    Technical Staff Members (DO)



    Technical Staff Members (Buildings)


    8 (equivalent)

    Instructional Staff Members (Coaches)




    Additional Fun Facts

    • In 2016, the Technology Department became the Instructional Technology Department.  This introduced the supporting of instructional practices in addition to the technical supports with device functionality.
    • In the past 22 months, the department has received 14,000 help ticket requests (doesn't include phone call support).
    • A student with a broken device has immediate access to a loaner and typically gets their assigned device back in 1 day.
    • During peak registration and back to school season, there can be as many as 5 staff members simultaneously assisting staff and parents through the district's help desk phone number.
    • Due to efficient planning, the department has eliminated its 3 summer help staff members.
    • Orland School District 135 has 4 Apple Distinguisheds School out of only 400 worldwide.