• Student Data and Privacy

    Student data security is important to us. Orland School District 135 strives to provide our students the best learning experience possible. This requires the district to partner with companies to provide services such as digital curriculum, testing and various other instructional supports. Some of these supports require Orland 135 to share certain student data in order to allow the service to function properly. This can include directory data such as name and schedule information to allow for secure student log in and class rostering. Before partnering with each company, Orland School District verifies the vendors are as FERPA, COPPA and Illinois Online Personal Protection Act  (SOPPA) compliant. Additionally, Orland School District 135 only provides the minimum amount of data required to maintain service functionality for each application. 


    You can view a list of Orland School District 135's approvaed application list here.  This list also includes the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of each application utilzed by the district. Not all applications will be used by all students at all grade levels and directory information is only shared with application when utilized by student or classroom.


     Image of approved list