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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. Will students be required to wear a mask?

    Yes, the Illinois Department of Public Health is requiring masks at all times while anyone is in a school or on a bus, except while eating and during band, even when physical distance is maintained. All individuals in a school building must wear a mask unless they have a medical contraindication,have trouble breathing, or are unconscious, incapacitated, or unable to remove the mask without assistance.  Families that do not want their children to wear a mask at school have the option to choose remote learning. We are encouraging you to begin the conversation with your children regarding wearing a mask in school.


    While masks are required, they will not be provided by the school.  Students are expected to provide their own mask.  Families may contact their child’s school if they need assistance obtaining a mask or to provide a doctor’s note that excludes their child from wearing a mask.


    Q. What changes are being made to transportation?

    Parents are encouraged to provide their own transportation, if possible.

    The Illinois Department of Public Health guidance states buses can transport a maximum of 50 people and requires all students to wear a mask on the bus. The district is requiring all bus drivers and bus aides to wear masks. State guidance recommends members of the same household who ride the bus together to sit together while on the bus.


    Transportation contractors will provide enhanced cleaning/disinfection of all 

    buses.  Products used will be registered Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectants.


    SY21 Transportation Cleaning and Safety Plan


    Q. If schools were to get shut down again will I be refunded my Paid Rider fee?

    If schools were to get shut down by an executive order from the State of Illinois or Illinois Department of Public Health we would issue a prorated refund.


    Q. If I choose to stop using transportation, will I be refunded my Paid Rider fee?

    If it is a personal choice to stop using transportation refunds will not be granted.



    General - Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. The bus drives right past my house. Why can’t it stop at my house? 

    While Orland School District would love to provide every child with door-to-door service, it is just not possible to do so. The number of bus stops on a route impacts the length of time our students are on the bus and the number of buses required to provide transportation services. Stops are centrally located throughout subdivisions to serve as many students as possible. 


    Q. How far can a bus stop be from the student’s home?

    Bus stops may be up to .12th of a mile for K-5th and .24th of a mile for 6-8th grade from the student’s residence. State guidelines for student’s grade K-8th are 1 ½ miles. Stops in District 135 are far less than 1 ½ miles from student’s residences. 


    Q. We live in a cul-de-sac. Will the bus come down our street?

    Except for special education circumstances, buses are generally not routed into a cul-de-sac or dead end street. Cul-de-sac stops are considered unwise for the following reasons:

    • Cul-de-sac stops create blind spots often causing students to enter or exit in a danger zone around the bus (at a corner stop or street curb stop, they enter/exit outside the danger zone)
    • Different styles and sizes of buses make maneuvering in cul-de-sacs difficult
    • The rear of the bus has potential to swing around close to the sidewalk
    • Parked cars and other obstacles create road hazards that may not be seen until entering the cul-de-sac and at a point of no return
    • Backing up a bus when students are on board is strictly forbidden
    • Property damage to mailboxes and landscaping


    Q. Why can’t you call when you know the bus will be late?

    There are as many as 50-55 students on some routes. It would be impossible to contact everyone in such a short time frame and many parents are not home or are waiting at the stop for their child. Sign up for Bus Bulletin and get notified if the bus will be delayed from 10 minutes or more


    Q. Why can’t I see my child’s bus stop from my house?

    District 135 provides transportation for over 4,200 students. We are not able to position bus stops so that all parents are able to see the stop from their home.


    Q. What is the best way to contact Transportation with questions?

    You may call the transportation office if your concern is immediate, that number is 708-364-3338. However, very often due to the volume of calls received, incoming calls go to voicemail. We make every effort to return calls as soon as possible. For general questions such as a request for your child to ride a different bus home due to an emergency, or a specific concern, the best method to contact us is through email. By writing fdelgado@orland135.org, your email will be received and answered, in most cases, the same business day.


    Q. Why do some children have to cross the street to board the bus?

    We are not able to route buses so that all children can board the bus on the door side. We suggest if you prefer, that children wait on the side of the street where they reside. The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students that need to cross the street.


    Q. My child is starting kindergarten. Are there any additional precautions for my child when riding the bus?

    A parent/guardian/approved adult must be present in the morning to allow the child on the bus and also in the afternoon to receive the child. If a parent/guardian/approved adult is not present the child will not be allowed on the bus in the morning or off the bus in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the child will be taken to the D135 Junior High in the boundary as that is typically the next route for the Bus Driver. Parents will be notified by ABC or D135 to arrange pick-up. Please advise your school as to the authorized individuals (i.e neighbors, grandparents etc.) who may assume the responsibility for your children.


    Q. Why is my child’s bus late?

    Weather, traffic or construction delays, maintenance difficulties or other unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in the arrival of your child’s bus. Please know that we do everything possible to ensure all buses are running on schedule each and every day. In the event your bus does not arrive as scheduled, contact our office at (708) 364-3338. Please allow 10-15 minutes before calling.


    Q. Can my child ride a different bus than the one they were assigned due to an emergency? (Example: I have to have someone watch my child after school)

    Students should only take the bus they are assigned to. However, we understand that on occasion, circumstances require a change in plans. If your child needs to take a different bus, the parent should contact the Transportation Department or the child’s school by phone or e-mail to make the proper arrangements. Please be sure to have your student’s school information on hand before you call.


    Q. My child left something on the bus. How do I get it back?

    If you suspect that your child left something on the bus, please call the bus company right away to arrange pick-up. If you are unable to get a hold of the bus company contact the Transportation Department at (708) 364-3338.


    General Education Students

    American School Bus 

    (708) 349-1866

    10000 W. 167th St.

    Orland Park, IL 60462


    Special Education Students

    Sunrise Bus Company 

    (708) 844-0800

    4243 W. Midlothian Turnpike

    Crestwood, IL. 60442

  • For any questions or concerns please contact:

    Transportation Department (708) 364-3338 or email Felicia Delgado at fdelgado@orland135.org