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    STARS Program - Frequently Asked Questions  


    How do I enroll my child in the STARS program? 

    You can enroll online through the OSD135 RevTrak Web Store. An fee of $55 (per family) is due at time of enrollment. The enrollment process holds your family's spot in any STARS program throughout the current school year, and also provides staff with the necessary information to offer safe care for your child. *Please note that unless prior approval has been given, the earliest your child can start the program is at least 1 school day after enrolling. 

    How do I choose the days of care that I need? 

    We offer a flexible attendance schedule for families. There are no minimum attendance days required. Each week, you will need to register for the sessions you need through our PICK-A-DAY Registration process. For safety reasons, the pick-a-day calendar closes every Saturday for the following week. If you have changes (add-ons or cancellations) after Saturday, you must email stars@orland135.org to add or remove your child off of the daily roster by 12pm the day of. Please do not just call your child's school for changes! It is important that we have accurate rosters for each program site. Failure to cancel a day through the STARS office may result in still being charged. Failure to add-on a day through the STARS office may result in a space not being available. 

    How much are the daily fees?

    Please refer to our cost page

    When do I pay these daily fees? 

    We invoice you every 2 weeks. Invoicing is based on the days you sign up for and your child attends. If you have signed up for a day that your child will not attend, you must email stars@orland135.org or you will still be charged for the day. 

    What is STARS Hour? 

    STARS Hour is a reduced afternoon rate of $13.00 and is only applicable for children attending more than 1 day per week. In order to receive the STARS Hour rate, you must pick up your child no later than 1 hour after the REGULAR school day dismissal time. STARS Hour rates will not be offered on accounts that are not current or on early release days.

    What are the hours of operation? 

    • STARS AM begins at 6:30am and operates until school begins. 
    • STARS PM begins when school is dismissed and operates until 6:00pm 

    I have children who attend 2 different schools in the District. Can they attend the before and after school program at the same location? 

    At this time, District 135 does not provide transportation for the before and after school care program. Since the STARS program is held at all primary and intermediate schools, children can only attend the program at the school they are enrolled in. 

    What is STARS Camp? 

    STARS camp is a program offered to D135 families who may need child care on certain non-school attendance days.. The STARS camp will be held from 6:30am until 6:00pm at one location and will offer fun activities to all campers. Families must be enrolled in the STARS program in order to attend camp. Registration is required for each camp session.