What is the difference between enrollment & pick-a-day regisration?

  • Enrollment

    Enrollment holds your family's spot in the STARS program for the 2021-22 school year. By enrolling your family, you can use the STARS program (including camp) as you need through out this school year. When you enroll, we recommend selecting all options for the STARS program (Morning Care, Afternoon Care, BOTH Morning and Afternoon care) just in case your needs change throughout the year. Enrollment instructions can be found here: Enrollment Guide

    Session Registration

    Pick-a-Day Registration

    Registering for sessions is what you do to sign your child up for the actual days you need and adds your child to our roster for the week. To make the program more convenient, we are using the "Pick-A-Day" option which allows families to utilize before and after school care as needed without having to commit to a set schedule. We recommend at this time since we are in the Blended Learning Option, families register for sessions on a weekly basis until we resume 5-day on-site learning. Our pick-a-day registration process is designed to be flexible based on what your family needs are. Please use the Parent Portal on the OSD135 RevTrak Web Store to register for pick-a-day sessions. 

    Example: Week 1 you need AM and PM care on Monday and Wednesday, but only PM care Wednesday, simply go the registration page and select the days Monday AM & PM, and Wednesday PM 


    OSD135 RevTrak Web Store


Pick-A-Day Instructions