Ancient Greece Digital Breakout
  • Students work together as a team to solve puzzles and ciphers to earn jewels for their crown and "breakout" the digital locks.

Exploring Russia with Bolt
  • A new addition to our technology is a class set of Sphero Bolts. The Bolts allow students to incorporte coding into their curriculuar content. While studying Russia an 8th grade social studies class wrote the code for their Bolt to travel around a map and "tour" landmarks throughout the country. 

School Musical Scene
  • Century offers extracurricular experiences beyond the school day to build our community and enrich our student experience. This year due to Covid-19 protocols, our school musical went digital using green screens and individual recording sessions to create Frozen! Our school then live-streamed the event to share with the school community. 

  • Century Junior High Concert Choir is a class that meets daily, and was remote for most of this school year.  The choir persevered this year with the help of virtual rehearsals, using  iMovie to create performances, and GarageBand to "sing in the same room together".