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Contact the Board & FAQs

What is the Board of Education? 
In Illinois, public education is the state's constitutional responsibility. The state delegates to local school boards the authority to govern school districts within the parameters set by state law. Boards are made up of seven school district residents elected at-large to serve terms of four years without pay. So, although the board is politically responsible to district voters, it is legally responsible to the state. 

What are the Board of Education duties?  
• Deciding what shall be taught in the schools;
• Hiring necessary personnel and setting their salaries;
• Providing and maintaining school buildings;
• Letting all contracts and paying all bills; and
• Arranging for revenue necessary to operate the district.

How can I contact the Board of Education?
Individual board members may not act alone or make decisions binding upon the board or the district. Binding decisions are made only upon a vote taken by the school board. The District 135 Board can be e-mailed at  Questions about the Board of Education can be directed to the Superintendent's Office at 708/364-3305.