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8th Grade Device Zero Cost Purchase Option

8th Grade Device Zero Cost Purchase Option


This option is only available for students that attend Orland School District for at least 4 years and DO NOT have any outstanding fees.

You must agree to the terms listed below and complete all steps listed below completely including completing online Skyward form by May 2, 2024This is a strict deadline and will NOT be extended.


Required Steps

The following must be completed by May 2th.

  1. Parent or guardian must complete the Zero Cost 8th Grade Device Purchase form accessible in parent Skyward account. You will need the student's iPad Serial number to complete this form. (The serial number can found on a sticker on the back of the device.  It begins with DMP...)  
  2. If a device requires any repairs, the 8th Grade Device Repair Request Form must be completed by student using the student’s school email.  Repairable damages would include cracked screens, no audio etc.  Certain repairs may be assessed a fee as outlined in the Technology Handbook.  The district does NOT repair cosmetic damages such as nicks, scratches or dents that do not affect the functionality of the device.

8th Grade Device Repair Request Form


What you are getting:

iPad 7th Generation 128 GB, iPad case, charging block, USB charging cord. Students/parents will only be permitted to purchase their device. Students/parents will NOT have the opportunity to purchase additional devices.

Terms of Zero Cost Purchase:

 By keeping student device you understand and agree to the following terms:

  • Online Skyward form must be completed by May 2, 2024.
  • Student cannot have any outstanding fees
  • After the delivery of the device, it becomes the property of the individual and no longer will have access to the school network or Wifi. Students will receive delivery of the device at or just after 8th Grade Device collection day.
  • The devices are "as-is," and the school district will not make any hardware or software repairs that aren't reported in the 8th Grade Device Repair Request Form prior to the May 2nd deadline.
  • The district "Damage Loss Plan" is only for district owned devices and does NOT carry over to devices sold/received under this agreement.
  • All accessories issued to the student (case, charging block and cord) are included in the purchase of the device.
  • All district licensed software will be removed from the device.  Students will receive the iPad reset to original factory default settings.
  • All district management software will be removed.  It is the parents' responsibility to monitor device including but not limited to internet filtering and application use.
  • This device is not meant to replace any devices issued by District 230.  Students of District 230 must use District 230 issued devices as their primary school device.
  • Student is eligible for a device with the age and model matching that of the 8th grade graduating class.  In the event a student was issued a newer device, the district reserves the right to substitute the student's issued device with a device consistent with the graduating class' model and/or age.
  • Ownership will be transferred to parent/guardian after the last day of school.
  • All sales are final. Returns or exchanges will not be permitted.


Please direct any questions regarding this process to