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Lead Testing Statement

As of January 1, 2017 the State of Illinois requires that all public and private schools with students enrolled in grades preschool through fifth grade sample all sources of drinking water for lead and post the results by December 2017. All schools constructed before 1987 are required to be tested this year, buildings built between 1987 and 2000 must be tested in 2018. Orland School District 135 believes all of its students deserve a healthy learning environment and made a decision to test all ten schools this year.

The last round of testing was completed on April 18, 2017.   All 163 fixtures tested below 5ppb (parts per billion), which is the state standard for allowable levels. Most fixtures (88%) had no lead detected

 Please be aware water samples have been collected by the Village of Orland Park from the District’s schools for many years. At no time have we ever had reason to suspect any lead issues within any building. The current tests confirm that all of our schools have clean, safe drinking water.