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FD MealPlanner - Lunch Menu Phone App

FD Meal Planner

Quest Food Services uses FD Meal Planner as its main source for lunch menus and nutritional facts for the food served within District 135. 

FD Meal Planner can be accessed online, at their website, or on a cell phone, with the FD Meal Planner App. Scan the QR Code below to download the app. 


FD Meal Plan QR Code


Nutritional Facts Within FD Meal Planner

District 135 does not serve any food items that have pork in them. Within FD Meal Planner, under the attributes tab, a pink icon can be seen, designating the symbol for pork. If a food item did have pork in it, that pink icon would be seen next to that menu item in the calendar. This can be seen below on a hypothetical menu that is NOT an actual District 135 menu. This is just an example of what would be shown IF food was served with pork in it. 


Pork Item