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Photo & Video Opt-Out

In an effort to recognize student achievement and highlight District programs, the Community Relations Office often videotapes and takes photographs at school events for use in print and online media publications, District publications and on the District website. Local media are also sometimes invited to cover events. Sharing school news helps the community stay informed with the latest happenings at our schools and is a tribute to the accomplishments of the students, the school, the District, and the Orland community. We hope to include your child in coverage of school-related programs and projects. Identification of your child in the media and District publications may include your child’s name, school, and grade. Photographs, videos, and stories may appear in internal or external print and Online publications. If student news is posted on our website without a photograph, the student’s first name may be used, but last names are never posted on our website unless the identification is included in a print publication.

The District maintains an opt-out only procedure for photograph and video identification permission; parents need only notify the District if they wish to deny the District and media the right to identify your child in any published photographs or posted videos. General images of children in which no student is identified do not require parental permission. We appreciate your support of the District's Community Relations efforts! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email


Videotaping and photographing children in classrooms, on campus, or at school-sponsored events and identifying children by name are allowed for both instructional and non-instructional purposes, provided that the parent or guardian has not refused the use of the child’s identity. A list of students who cannot be identified will be kept on file in the school. General images of children in which a student is not identified do not require parental permission.

Returning families to the district had an opportunity to opt-out of media identification during the registration process.  If you are new to the District, or if you wish to change your child's designation, please email  Opting out means that you DENY THE DISTRICT AND MEDIA THE RIGHT TO IDENTIFY YOUR CHILD IN ANY PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEO, OR MEDIA COVERAGE.  We may still use general photos if your child is not identified.

"Photograph & Video Identification Denial" will remain in effect through August of the following school year. If a parent does not call the school by September 1st of the current school year to request identification denial, the District assumes no parental denial is requested.

First page of the PDF file: 2022-23MediaReleaseForm