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Orland School District 135

Enrichment Program Information


Orland School District 135 serves the academic needs of high-performing students through a tiered Enrichment Program that is supported by current research. Enrichment fosters the intellectual growth and development of participating students as they strive to reach their full potential.

Students who benefit from placement in an Enrichment Program are those who master content at an accelerated rate, understand interdisciplinary relationships, ask significant questions, think abstractly, and use critical thinking skills in diverse problem-solving situations. The Enrichment Program provides a variety of experiences that develop, enhance, and extend the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are critical to preparing students for the future.


The program utilizes differentiated instructional strategies to promote high level thinking, abstract reasoning, and independent learning. Students are expected to express their learning through differentiated responses and products. Through enhancements and extensions of state and district curriculum standards, students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their academic talents in a rich and supportive learning environment.

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Grade K-2: Classroom accommodations through team planning

  • Data collected regarding student progress is reviewed by building staff. Student can be referred by parents or staff to the principal.
  • Classroom and/or curriculum modifications are made if suggested.
  • Teacher implements modifications and monitors student progress. Additional team meetings can be scheduled to monitor progress.

Enrichment Program Goals & Expectations

Program Descriptions

Identification Process

First page of the PDF file: EnrichmentFHonors