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Enrichment Appeal Process

Appeal Process


A parent/guardian may appeal a placement decision on behalf of a student who does not qualify for the enrichment cluster, self-contained enrichment or honors instructional programs.  Below are the procedures for completing an appeal:


1. The requesting party must complete the Appeal Request Form and submit it, along with supporting documentation, to the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.  Any Appeal Request Forms submitted without supporting documentation will not be acted upon, as they will be considered incomplete.  Supporting data and/or documentation will not be provided to parents by teachers or administrators.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide supporting data/documentation that demonstrates skills/behaviors far beyond that of typical peers.  Testing from an outside source may be provided by the appeal requestor at his/her own expense.  Any outside test results will only be considered if the test is administered by licensed psychologist not affiliated with a particular public or private school.

  • Beyond outside assessments, documentations to consider to support an appeal:

    • Language Arts: work samples demonstrating application, analysis, synthesis and evaluative skills), evidence of advanced vocabulary, sophisticated syntax, unusual or novel language use, and/or interpretive analysis of complex literary or non-fiction texts.

    • Mathematics: examples that demonstrate the student’s ability to apply ideas from one mathematical problem to another, use of creative or unusual strategies to solve mathematical problems, success with advanced level math concepts, and/or knowledge about a variety of mathematical topics.

  • Classroom grades assess grade level standards.  As a result, they do not communicate a student’s skill beyond what is expected at that grade level.


2.  The Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning will convene a committee which may include the current classroom teacher, building administrator, the enrichment/honors teacher, and the Director and/or Assistant Director of Curriculum.  The committee will review all submitted paperwork, data, and provided documentation to make an appropriate decision that is in the best interest of the student.  All committee decisions are final.


3.  Parents will receive written notification regarding the appeal decision from the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.