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Response to Intervention

Dear Orland School District 135 Parents,

At the beginning of every school year, each school implements the mandated RtI (Response to Intervention) process for all of our students. RtI provides opportunities
for increased curricular interventions as well as increased monitoring of each student’s academic progress. A large part of the RtI process is the implementation of a 30-minute intervention block in every class’s schedule. During these 30 minutes support is provided to emerging readers. At the same time the core reading curriculum is enhanced for students who are at or above reading expectations.   All students have been given the opportunity for reading instruction that targets their specific needs.  As a result, some students will receive this reading instruction from other teachers during the intervention time.  All reading support and enhancement that occurs during the 30 minute intervention time is in addition to the core curriculum.  It does not take the place of any other subject or instruction.  We will continuously monitor and adjust our instruction as needed.  Please contact your child’s teacher or building administrator if you have any questions regarding your child’s reading intervention.



The Curriculum Department