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Apple Distinguished Schools

What is an Apple Distinguished School?

Apple describes Apple Distinguished Schools as...

"We believe Apple Distinguished Schools are some of the most innovative schools in
the world. They’re centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate
our vision of exemplary learning environments. They use Apple products to inspire
student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Leadership in our recognized
schools cultivate environments in which students are excited about learning, curiosity
is fostered, and—with Apple technology—learning is a personal experience for
every student. Our recognized schools are models of innovation in education."

Following are the requirements for becoming an Apple Distinguished School:

  • A one-to-one Mac or iPad program.
  • Faculty and students are continuously evolving with Apple technology.
  • Faculty deeply integrates Apple creation apps, educational apps in the App Store, books in the iBooks Store, and learning materials into the curriculum.
  • 75 percent of teachers in a school must be recognized as Apple Teachers. 
  • School has evidence of student success.


Our goal is for all of our schools to be some of the most innovative schools in the world inspiring student creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking while personalizing the learning experience for each student.  We believe all of our school are on this path and will get recognized by Apple as Distinguished schools.  This fall, 5 of our schools submitted iBooks to Apple as part of the application process to be recognized as Apple Distinguished Schools.  You can view these interactive books by clicking on the links below on any Apple device. (Please Note: These are larger size files and depending on internet speed may take a while to download. When prompted, open file in iBooks.)


We are proud to announce that the following schools were acknowledged by Apple as Apple Distinguished Schools.  


High Point School

Liberty School

Meadow Ridge School

Century Junior High School