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Device Damage and Loss

Students and parents are covered by the school district’s “Device Damage/Loss Plan.”  This plan was designed to minimize a family’s financial responsibility in the event of ACCIDENTAL damage.  This plan limits a repair/replacement cost a family is responsible for the first two events of accidental damage, loss or theft of the device.  Students who incur three or more repairs in a year period will be responsible for the full repair/replacement cost.

Students will be assessed the repair/replacement cost up to:

1st Occurrence: $80

2nd Occurrence: $150

3rd+ Occurrence: full repair/replacement cost.

Lost or stolen devices must be reported to the Orland Park Police and a copy of the report must be submitted to the school district.  Lost/stolen devices without a police report will result in a full replacement cost fee being assessed to the student.

The “Device Damage/Loss Plan” does not cover accessories issued to the student.  The following are the costs for lost/damaged accessories:

Apple Power Adapter $19

Apple USB Cable: $19

iPad Case: $35

Orland School District is the only party authorized to repair/service the device.  In the event of damage or malfunction, the parent/student should notify the help desk immediately.  Cosmetic damages that do not impact the functionality of the device will not be repaired.  You can find your school’s help desk at /Page/5580.

The “Device Damage/Loss Plan” does NOT cover malicious or intentional damage. In the event damage/loss is determined by the district to be malicious or intentional, the full cost of repair or replacement will be assessed.


Students may only use approved accessories with their school issued device during approved times. Accessories cannot interfere with instruction in the classroom or the function of the device.  Orland School District 135 is not responsible for use, troubleshooting or loss of any non-district owned accessories.  This includes, but not limited to, personally purchased headphones, wired or wireless keyboards or stylus (Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, etc.)

Return of Device

The student must return the device and accessories when requested or when no longer enrolled in the district. This includes automatic withdrawal due to extended absences.  The device and accessories must be in the same condition as the district issued it.  Devices and/or accessories not returned within 24 hours will be subject to discipline and student will be assessed for any missing or damaged  equipment as described in this document.

Stolen Property Report

District owned devices not returned will be reported to the Orland Park Police as stolen property. Unauthorized persons in possession of district property are subject to prosecution which could result in felony charges.