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Summer Activities and Apps

Let’s Get Creative!

Here are some ideas and activities for some summer creativity! Do not be afraid if you haven't used one of these apps before, just try!

 Today at Apple - Check out these free workshops hosted by Apple in their Orland Mall store.

Virtual Vacation - Who needs Miss Frizzle and a magical bus?!?!? Pretend to take a trip using the green screen app DoInk (in Self Service) to make a video of yourself anywhere in the world.

Summer Diary - Use the Camera or Clips app to document your summer.  Add these videos to a Book Creator, Pages, iMovie or Keynote project to create a Summer Diary.  Feeling really creative? Make one for your pet from their point of view.

Coding Club - Create a coding club with your friends.  Compare coding creations you make in the Tyker App (log in through Clever).

DIY Passion Project - What’s your favorite topic?  Research, create and share what you learn with others. Remember, what you create doesn’t have to be on a device!

Official Song of Summer - Use Garageband to create theme music for yourself, a summer adventure of that favorite book!  Then make a music video using iMovie or DoInk.

Summer Apps

Here is a list of applications and how students can access them over the summer. Access of apps may vary by school and/or grade level.




IXL - On IXL, math and LA are more than just numbers. With unlimited questions, engaging item types, and real-world scenarios, IXL helps learners experience math at its most mesmerizing!

IXL App or

Username: username@orland

PW: school account password

Vocabulary Spelling City - Practice vocabulary and spelling activities.

Clever app or

Log in with Google Account

Freckle - Math and ELA practice at a particular student’s level.

Clever app or

Log in with Google Account

Tinker - #1 Coding Platform for Kids. With Tynker, kids learn to code the fun and easy way with revolutionary visual code blocks that represent real programming concepts.

Clever app or

Log in with Google Account

TCI Science - Online Science Curriculum

Clever app or

Log in with Google Account - Keyboarding practice.  Please reinforce the correct iPad positioning for Keyboarding.  Click here for details.

Clever app or

Log in with Google Account

Libby - App used to access Orland Park Public Library digital content.

Libby App

Use Orland Park Public Library card/account.