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Transportation Notification System

American School Bus Company Riders

In collaboration with American School Bus Company, Orland School District 135 will be offering the Traversa Ride 360 notification system. All families that are using American School Bus for their general education student is encouraged to sign up for this system. Ride 360 will be primarily used to notify families as quickly as possible in regards to any delays or incidents that would affect your child's bus. Additionally, Ride 360 will also allow you to see your child's bus assignment and general GPS for your child's bus. Any GPS system has delays so please do not rely on the Ride 360 GPS to dictate when to be at the stop for your child. The bus assignment you receive directly from the Transportation department will contain the approximate stop time for pick-up and drop-off. Sign up for Ride 360 by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


If your child is part of the Special Education program please click here for more information regarding the Sunrise Transportation notification system.

Traversa Ride 360

The Traversa Ride 360™ web and mobile app for Apple® and Android® devices can help ensure that you receive updates in regards to delays or incidents affecting your child's bus as quickly as possible. This portal allows parents and students to access their own secure data for bus stop location, route, and pickup time. Traversa Ride 360 also uses GPS geolocation to let users know when to approximately expect their bus each day.

Traversa Ride 360 can be accessed via the web or mobile app.

  • Secure and confidential log in
  • Intuitive interface
  • Android / iOS app or via the web

For more information about Traversa Ride 360, or to sign-up for the program, please click on the link below.


Traversa Ride 360 - Sign up

To locate your child's student ID please click here


Please contact American School Bus Company directly at (708) 349-1866 regarding any issues with this program.