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    In the interest of student safety, all student drop-offs and pick-ups before and after school are located on the west side of Center School, which is by the side of the building parallel to LaGrange Rd. Picking up children and exercising safety requires patience and courtesy on the part of all.

    The children’s safety is the primary focus of the teacher’s attention at this time. Therefore, this is not the appropriate time for a parent to try and talk to a teacher. If you need to talk to a staff member, who has a supervisory duty, please schedule an appointment.

    Field trips, social activities, and inclement weather days cause the most congestion. Parking is also limited. Therefore, we encourage you to allow your child to use bus transportation when available. To further help us ensure the safety of your children, please adhere to the following guidelines:


    Bus Lane

    CARS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE BUS LANE. Follow the signs and understand the intent of the information on the signs. Do not enter the designated bus area, which is in front of the building, with your car.


    Car Lane

    Enter the Lane on the west side of Center School, which is by the side of the building parallel to LaGrange Rd.

    Turn  into the car lane.

    Pull forward as far as you can so that we may accommodate as many cars as possible.

    Do not leave your car unattended in the car lane.

    Be on time. (A.M. - Arrive before 7:25 a.m., and afternoon dismissal is at 2:00.)

    Please refrain from using your cell phone in this area.


    Dropping off children

    Bring your car to a complete stop before your child enters or exits the car.

    Remain in the car as your child will be guided out of the car.

    Have your child sit in the back passenger seat.

    Wait for a staff member to assist your child with his/her destination.

    Keep your car parallel with the sidewalk so that the entering and exiting of the car remains safe.

    Exit straight by following the arrows out to the east exit of the lot.

    Please follow ALL signs while entering or exiting the school zones.

    Please refrain from using your cell phone in this area.


    Parking Procedures

    Park only in areas that are designated as parking places.

    Escort your child across the lot should you choose to park.



    In the event that your child has a change in the routine after school, you must notify both the office and your child’s teacher in writing for each occurrence.  

    All students must be signed out in the office where they will meet the parent or other authorized person.

    Please go directly to the office.

    If restrictions exist concerning individuals who may pick-up your child, please notify the school of these details in writing and make an appointment with the principal.  You will be asked to provide the school with any pertinent court orders or custody papers.

    Please remind your child that he or she will wait in the main office or nurse’s office to be picked up.