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    Hello I am Nurse Katie Siebert.  I couldn't be more excited to work with the students at High Point.  I've been a pediatric nurse for the last 14 years, but have been fortunate enough to work part time at a private clinic while also being at home with my 2 sons John(4) and Colin(2).  When presented with the chance to work at High Point, I saw the perfect opportunity to both continue my career in pediatrics while also be able to help kids grow and thrive in an educational setting.  My passion for pediatrics and love of working with children has made this a perfect match.  I am here for the students and families at any time and their health is my top priority.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email Monday-Friday.  2019-20 will be a great year!


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    Health Records


    By law, all children entering school for the first time and all sixth graders must present evidence of a recent physical examination and of immunizations against certain diseases before the first day of school. These records must be turned in to the school nurse’s office by the beginning of the school year.