Inclement Weather Cloud

Recess/Inclement Weather

  • As our weather has recently turned to more winter like conditions, we'd like to remind our parents to please make sure that your children are dressing for those conditions.  Please make sure that your child is coming to school with a coat, hat, and gloves during these times. 
    As always, it is of the upmost importance to keep our students safe while providing them opportunities to play outside during recess times as often as appropriate.  We know that children can benefit greatly from less structured opportunities to play, engage in physical activities, and have brain breaks so that they can do their very best learning at other times during the day.  Generally speaking, if it is above 20 degrees with clear conditions, children will typically be outside before school and during recess times.  
    During times of extreme heat, we do also watch the conditions and follow advisories provided by professionals in this area in regards to keeping our students safe.  
    If you have any questions, please reach out to the building administration.