Parent, Student, Teacher Compact

  • To help promote school's mission and to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind, students, parents, and teachers enter into the following compact:


    As A Student I Will:

    • Come to school each day believing that I can learn and will learn.
    • Come to school and class on time, ready to learn, with assignments completed.
    • Read each day.
    • Set aside time each day to complete my homework.
    • Ask appropriate questions.
    • Know and follow school and class rules.
    • Regularly talk to my parents and my teachers about my progress in school.
    • Respect my school, classmates, teachers, and family.

    As A Parent/Guardian or Family Member I Will:

    • Talk to my child regularly about the value of education.
    • Monitor TV viewing and technology use and make sure that my child reads every day.
    • Make sure that my child attends school every day, on time, and with homework completed.
    • Support School's discipline and safe school code.
    • Monitor my child's progress in school.
    • Make every effort to attend school events.
    • Encourage my child's efforts and be available for questions.
    • Respect the school, students, teachers, and families.

    As Teachers We Will:

    • Communicate high expectations for every student and believe all students can learn.
    • Endeavor to motivate my students to learn.
    • Teach and involve students in classes that are interesting and challenging.
    • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning.
    • Support partnerships with families and community.
    • Involve students in creating a caring learning environment in the classroom.
    • Communicate with families about their child's progress in school.
    • Respect the school, students, teachers and families.