• COVID-19 Updates

    The current list of symptoms for health certification: 

    Fever (100.4°F or higher)
    New onset of moderate to severe headache
    Shortness of breath
    New cough
    Sore throat
    New loss of sense of taste or smell
    Fatigue from unknown cause
    Muscle or body aches from unknown cause

    If you exhibit any of these symptoms, DO NOT REPORT TO SCHOOL/WORK


    PCR Test Required to Return

    The District has been notified by the Cook County Health Department that due to community transmission levels, all students and school personnel who are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms will be required to either remain out of school/work for 10 days or provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 PRC test in order to return earlier than 10 days - a rapid test and alternative diagnosis is no longer eligible to return. Updated October 2021


    If a member of a child's/staff's household is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (listed above) and awaiting test results, students and staff should not report to school/work until the test results are received.
    Test Results:
    • Negative:  child/staff and household members can return to school/work
    • Positive:  positive individual isolates for 10 days from onset of symptoms, other household members quarantine 14 days from when positive individual begins isolation
    For a list of available testing sites, please click here. For more information regarding quarantine while awaiting test results, please view #2 of the IDPH FAQ Document.  
    If a member of a child's/staff's household is a close contact of a positive case, other members do not need to quarantine unless the close contact household member develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19. Close contacts should monitor themselves closely for symptoms and if they develop symptoms, seek medical advice and testing.   


    Wearing Masks 

    Any staff or student that is attending school must wear a mask on the bus as well as within each District 135 building. Please click here to view further information about how to wear masks correctly.

    CDC Mask Wearing


    Helpful Links & Videos

    Coronavirus: How to Teach Kids about COVID-19 – BrainPOP (YouTube Video) - For Younger Children

     As we continue to work together to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your support of Orland School District 135. For additional information regarding COVID-19, please reference the CDC website, the IDPH website, as well as the Illinois State Board of Education website. 

    Centers for Disease Control     IDPH      ISBE link