• 2020 Fall e-Learning

    Click here to access the link for Remote Learning Lesson Plans by School!


    Additional Guidance

    • Consider these questions when designing remote or e-learning experiences: 

      • How will a student know where to start? 
      • How will a student know what to do next? 
      • How will a student know when the work is successfully completed? 
      • How will the district know a student completed an activity?


      Student Responsibilities

      • Review assigned work 
      • Complete your assigned work by the due date 
      • Ask clarifying questions when you need help or don’t understand 
      • Be respectful to yourself, teachers and peers


      Teacher Responsibilities

      • Learning Targets (standards) should be clearly defined
      • Lessons, activites, and tasks should be relevant  and related to a continued learning progression
      • Expectations should be clear
      • Make remote learning activities available in a timely manner
      • Be available at scheduled times to answer student/caregiver questions. 
      • Provide timely feedback on student work 
      • Communicate regularly with students 
      • Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities that meet the needs of all learners 
      • Provide regular feedback to students on progress related to learning activities