• Please keep in mind that all of our procedures have been put into place to keep our students, staff, and families as safe as possible.  We realize that at times, they may be slightly inconvenient and may cuase you to wait an extra minute or two.  However, safety is our number one priority and we assure you that if everyone follows the procedures, students will be able to enter and exit Meadow Ridge both safely and quickly.  We thank you in advance for following the procedures.


    Use the car rider line at all times. At no time should parents be parking in the side parking lot to drop off their children. The side parking lot aisles are for our Special Education transportation only.  Under no circumstances may a child walk through the parking lot or the front of the school unescorted or dropped in a "line" that is not the official drop-off line.

    Thank you for keeping our staff and students safe.

    Please enter the car rider line for arrival and dismissal from 108th Avenue. Follow the traffic pattern below.

    Drop Off Procedures Map

    Students will exit the car at the curb and proceed along the sidewalk.  We also ask that you pull as close to the curb as possible so that other parents and/or any emergency vehicles can pass if needed.

    As a reminder, the entire lane in front of the sidewalk is considered a drop-off area.  Please have your child exit the car if you are anywhere in that area.  This helps so that several cars can unload at the same time.  Waiting to pull right in front of the door for your child to exit slows the entire process down.  We appreciate your attention to this detail so that we can quickly and safely get all our children unloaded.

    Drivers must remain in their cars while in the drop-off or pick-up lane.  Again, cars should not be left unattended in the driveway for any reason.  Studenst should not arrive or exit their vehicles prior to 7:45 a.m., as there is no supervision before that time.  When the 7:45 bell rings, staff will head outside and indicate that it is safe to start exiting vehicles.   Student safety is most important to us and we appreciate your patience with these procedures.

    The same area is used for dismissal of car riders at the end of the day.  Parents should enter the car rider lane off of 108th Avenue.  You are not able to enter the lane from 159th Street.

    When entering the pick up line at the end of the day, we will ask that driers pull up as far as possible.  Once the entire lane is full and vehicles are stopped, students will be dismissed to go to their vehicles.  Stopping halfway through the lane slows down the process so we kindly request that you follow these procedures.  Staff will bring students to the office at 2:45 if they are not picked up.