• *Listen to the morning announcements for informatiion about the club and activity start dates and meeting dates* 


    These are the clubs available to all students at Orland Junior High:

    Art Club - Mrs. Blaser

    Book Club - Ms. Doyle and Mrs. Geyer

    Chess Club - Ms. Gaynor and Mr. Leib

    Drama Club - Mrs. Kalvig and Mr. Kivi

    Drama Club, Tech - Mr. Robles

    Drama Club,  Scenery - Mrs. Blaser

    Einstein and Edison Club - Ms. Gaj and Mrs. Knight

    Gaming Club - Mrs. Smykowski (Biei) and Ms. D'Adam

    Gardening Club - Mrs. Lokanc

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club - Ms. Curalli and Ms. Strolia

    Make a Difference Club - Mrs. Brenczewski and Mrs. Hennessy-Wild

    Multicultural/Diversity Club - Ms. Gaj and Mrs. Sayes

    Mindfulness and Meditation Club - Mrs. Brady and Mr. Corcoran

    National Junior Honor Society - Ms. Doyle and Ms. Rakow

    Photography Club - Ms. Blaser

    Student Council - Mrs. Arriaga and Mrs. Knight

    Yearbook Club - Ms. Rakow and Mr. DiNardo


    These are the SWIC Activities:

    Declamation (Speech) - Ms. Doyle and Mrs. Knight

    Mathletes (Math) - Ms. Gaynor and Mr. Robles