• Orland School District 135 has a rich history in the Village of Orland Park dating back to 1849 when Orland was mostly farmlands resided by English settlers.

    As the Village has grown so too has the school district. The District started as a one-room school house where students traveled by horse or foot.

    Today the District educates over 5,000 students in 60462, 60467 and a small section of 60487. Students use laptops and iPads daily in the classrooms and participate in athletic, music, theater and other extra-curricular programs.

    Through the extensive research of district archives and historical board meeting minutes, the history of our District is outlined on the following pages.

    We hope you enjoy reading!

    Old Orland

    This photo dates back to the 1950-60's showing children traveling
    to school on foot with some school buses transporting those students
    who lived further out.