Orland School District 135

  • The Board consists of standing committees which are appointed by the Board President following the reorganization of the Board. Committee members may take consensus upon items to be brought before the whole Board for approval, but no action or vote shall occur at a committee meeting. Responsibilities and duties for each standing committee are listed as follows:

    Community   Community Relations
    The directive and focus of the Community Relations Committee involves maintenance of communication with the district and Orland community to ensure constant feedback. The Superintendent, Administration and Board members will also share the opportunity to represent District 135 at the numerous community organization meetings and events occurring throughout the year in order to build and strengthen district/community relationships.

     education Education
    Due to the critical role that technology plays in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, the Education and Technology Committees have been combined. This committee focuses on key curriculum, instruction, and assessment issues, as these impact student learning. At regular meetings, committee members will review and discuss curricular initiatives, instructional programs, textbook adoption progress, professional development plans, and assessment results.

     Finance Finance/Facilities
    The Finance/Facilities Committee combines two categories due to the close association of the matters pertaining to each category. Committee members will discuss and/or review facility needs, building or construction projects, village projects/expansions, and other issues which affect or involve district buildings or property. Committee members will also review annual financial items such as budget, levy and insurance renewals, and financial matters. In addition, transportation, food services and operational activities, etc., will be reviewed as necessary.

    green Green Initatives
    The focus of the Green Initatives is to identify new environmental strategies that would best fit the needs of the District while supporting environmental initiatives currently in practice.

    negotiate Negotiations
    The Board and the OCE (Orland Council of Educators) recognize the desirability of providing the best education possible for the youth of the District and the need to operate an effective and efficient school district. Therefore, both the Board of Education and the OCE participate in good faith negotiations as scheduled to address an agreement covering salaries, fringe benefits, conditions of employment, grievance procedures and other matters of mutual concern. The intent of the negotiations process is for the Board and OCE to enter into an agreement in the hopes that the staff will be satisfied under which their services are rendered.

     Planning   Planning
    The Planning Committee focuses short-term on enrollment forecasting and staffing, and long-term on boundaries and school capacities.

    Policy   Policy/Personnel
    The Policy/Personnel Committee focuses on Board governance. Policies are developed to guide the district by establishing processes and procedures that are compliant with law and community values and beliefs. Polices located in the 100 series of the Board Policy Manual pertain to Board governance.

    Technology   Technology
    The objective of the Technology Committee is to ensure fiscal responsibility and focus on the technology needs of the satf and students.