Orland School District 135


District 135 Communications Department 

Department Mission:
The Communications Department's mission is to cultivate a culture of communications that links home/school/community in supporting student learning.   District 135's strategic communications plan is meant  to engage the community at large so that they have an interest in student learning, a stake in student success, and a voice in shaping the future of our students. This department works with staff, students, parents, community members, the Board of Education, local businesses and the media in building relationships, sharing information, listening and gaining support.
In addition to cultivating a relationship between District 135 and its stakeholders, the Communications Department is committed to providing timely and relevant communication to parents and staff regarding all District matters via many communication channels, including:
  • District website
  • Blackboard Parentlink (calls, texts and emails)
  • Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon, Instagram)
  • District smartphone app
  • Digital and printed newsletters
Jen Beshansky
Director of Communications
Phone: (708) 364-3335 
Fax: (708) 873-6479