• Mission Statement

    Orland School District 135 is committed to creating safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environments where all community members work together to promote academic excellence, civil behaviors, and social competence. All staff, students, and parents help create safe schools.
    District Safety Efforts

    The District is committed to creating safe, secure and caring learning environments. This emphasis has resulted in a comprehensive Crisis Response Plan that includes a close partnership and open line of communication with the community in all areas related to the safety of our schools. The Director of Risk Management and Safety works closely with public safety first responders and other government services providers to prepare for a response to emergencies and critical incidents and the development of an all-hazard safety plan.

    School safety includes measures such as; access control, visitor management and identification badges, video surveillance, preparedness planning and practice drills to prepare for a variety of potential incidents. District and school crisis plans are aligned with the recommendations of state Homeland Security, local emergency responders, and public safety officials and use the general response practices outlined in the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

    The District 135 School Safety Committee, composed of staff from various District departments and schools, public safety and community members, continually updates the district's planning and resources to reflect current needs and world events. The District's efforts are responsive to current events, and the various potential threats that confront schools today. Training and practice drills for staff and students are regularly held to contribute to preparedness for potential crisis events.

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